Moan McVulpine: Fat Salm has every right to embarrass himself in front of the nation

Moan McVulpine says that the Five Pension Firstminster was right to steal some of Andy Murray’s historic Wimbledon glory. There was plenty going spare.
Moan McVulpine BannerBy Moan McVulpineSkintland’s home grown whinging attack dug

FIRSTMINSTER MAKES prat of himself at historic Wimbledon victory is the sort of headline which encourages the Skintish cringe.

Millions of Skints did just that when Wee Eck unfurled his flag after Andy Murray’s amazing win. CCCRRRIIINNNGGGEEE!!!

The self-aggrandizement of Fat Salm was heartfelt and hardly new – older readers will remember his hauf-witted antics during Nigel Lawson’s budget speech at Westmonster.

But the reaction of some of his loyal attack dugs was akin to paranoid hysteria.

Take Joan McCarthyalpine (please, just take her), “the English are attacking oor hallowed flag” she squealed, “I must go oot on a limb over the John Terry comment even though I am humiliatingly wrong” she wailed.

It was a moment for the world to see the mindless hatred and pressure a third rate jakey politician will bring to bear when her beloved Firstminster is yet again outed for the cheap side show snake-oil political huckster he really is.

But ho hum! Some skints, cringingly so, think that sort of thing shows patriotism and enthusiasm for his country – and good luck to them and their Braveheart Delusions #100 DVD collection.

According to the ginger whinger, BBC sports commentator Sue Douglas had accused the Firstminster of “racism” by comparing his sadsack glory stealing moment to John Terry.

And in that comment, we all got to see what an independent Skintland could be like under the auspice of McCarthyalpineism.

“Apologise” or feel my fury she squealed. It was a prima facie example of a big ‘N’ Nationalist not letting facts get in the way of a self-righteous conclusion.

And while there may have been room for confusion, it displayed in full technicolour chauvinistic bigoted Nationalism, that McCarthyalpine is prepared to go off full-cocked on a whim at a perceived slight.

Worrying stuff indeed considering how ‘close’ she is to the Five Pensioned one.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller was an allegory of this type of finger pointing, false, accusatory and hysterical behaviour.

If McCarthyalpine gets her way, Skintland will travel that road post-independence. The wrath of the Ginger Whinger will be brought to bear in a Skintish Crucible.

Most worrying in the McCarthyalpine Daily Ranger rant is her conclusion regarding the politicisation of the saltire:

“The Saltire is no stunt. At 1000 years old it is the oldest continuing national flag in the world. Those who object to it appear to believe expressions of Skintish identity should cease because, in their eyes, they challenge the British establishment.

They should tread warily.

The flag is not a political symbol.

But it soon will be if Scots are taunted whenever they fly it.”

Hardly a veiled threat is it? If this type of threat is the kind of thing we can expect from the Indy argument then count me out.

Non-aligned Skints like the fictitious team behind AhDinnaeKen know exactly what the wee white whine is saying here.

She’s threatening rampant Nationalism where the mutts, moggies and media monitoring mendicants will be unleashed to berate, bully, finger point, ‘out’ and accuse those who don’t pass the porridge/saltire test of Skintish nationality.

And it will be (un)officially sanctified by the likes of McCarthyalpine and the Nationalist apparatchik. Scary stuff indeed.

So let’s, for the sake of a conclusion, revisit one of the above phrases:

“Those who object to it appear to believe expressions of Scottish identity should cease…”

No one was objecting to the Saltire. They were objecting to the cheap undignified, unstatesmanlike behaviour of oor alleged leader trying to steal some of Andy Murray’s glory for himself.

McCarthyalpine types probably get that. But, as she so worryingly demonstrated, facts aren’t important enough to quell the hateful fury of a ginger snap Nationalist scorned.

Does the country really have to suffer this for another year? Unfortunately we* already know the answer.




Nice Retweet Lassie.

Nice Retweet Lassie.


Not letting the facts get in the way of the conclusion. Well done Lassie.

Not letting the facts get in the way of the conclusion. Well done Lassie.


Irony alert. SICKO Butcher's Apron Burner in full on hypocrisy mode. Hurrah for Nationalism and social audits.

Irony alert. SICKO Butcher’s Apron Burner in full on hypocrisy mode. Hurrah for Nationalism and social audits.


Apologise for outing the Firsminster's sadsack grandstanding. Good call Lassie!

Apologise for outing the Firsminster’s sadsack grandstanding. Good call Lassie!






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2 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Fat Salm has every right to embarrass himself in front of the nation

  1. Dear Longshanker

    Alex Salmond was wrong to try and hijack the event with his stupid stunt, unsurprisingly Joan McAlpine has defended him.

    It is just another event that proves that I was correct about the lack of talent in the SNP.

    McAlpine was in my SNP branch, she never turned up once at a branch meeting, and I never saw her at any of the by-elections I attended.

    She isn’t a political activist and it shows by her Holyrood performances.

    I don’t like the list system, it should be replaced so every seat needs a public mandate, then we could get rid of her and a few others.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

    • Salmond’s stunt wasn’t a crime George. Just a bit naff. Just a bit unbecoming. Just a bit cheap. Just a bit snake oil huckster.

      Just a bit like the list MSP system. Eh?


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