Wangs Watch: Nationalist hate preacher Rev Stu ramps up the hate in hateful hate tirade

It’s the danger of Nationalism in all its forms. When faced with a perceived threat – real or otherwise – it must manufacture enemies upon which friends and potential friends can unite in a communal style hate-in. It may be as dull and as stereotypical as an Orwellian Goldstein style two minute hate ritual, but Rev Stu Campbell, a self professed ahem, ‘professional journalist’ provides a prima facie example of how even the most trivial of incidents can be used as a vehicle for his Nationalist desire to get people to “hate” his perceived enemies. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Irony seems to escape Nationalist types like the Rev as his headline clearly demonstrates.

Irony seems to escape Nationalist types like the Rev – as his headline above clearly demonstrates.

By Longshanker

THE MAGGIE Fair in Moray is apparently one of the oldest fairs held in the whole of the UK. It’s the sort of event where locals come together, have a lot of fun, peruse the stalls and end up in the beer tent for a sing song and a couple of drinky-poos.

Just like the Marymass Festival down AhDinnaeKen’s way, it’s a smashing day out and it all adds to a sense of community wellbeing where the variety of incidents which inevitably occur can be talked about for weeks, if not months, afterwards.

For polarised isolated self confessed Nationalist misanthropes who have severe difficulty dealing with real world people, it’s an opportunity to foment hatred and ill will through the medium of their hate preaching and hateful blogs.

Welcome to the cupboard under the stairs world of Wangs Over Skintland and its vile little ‘plugged in’ hate preacher, Rev Stu Campbell.

The essence of his hate based non-story is that a couple of Yes Campaigners were hounded out of the Fair under alleged threats of violence by the Unionist forces of oppression – Bitter Thegither.

In true Orwellian Goldstein communal hate ritual style, the Rev conflates the non-story into a sinister Bitter Thegither Project Feartie assault on the Nationalist forces of righteousness and ffreeeddoomm™.

What appears to have escaped the polarised militant’s ken, is that normal people enjoying themselves can’t be arsed with the politicisation of a fun family day out.

At no point does he prove that the ‘residents’ who asked the Yes campaigners to leave were Better Together campaigners or, No supporters or indeed, Unionists. They could have been separatists for all we* know.

And he further conflates the phrase, things could “turn a bit nasty” into the Yes campaigners being intimidated under pain of a drunken beating.

Consider the penultimate, pluralis maiestatis, paragraph of his rant:

“We cannot, of course, make any direct connection between “Better Together” and an “angry” crowd containing “lots” of its supporters intimidating three peaceful volunteers with official permission to be at the fair into leaving, on pain of a drunken beating. There may have been no crossover at all between the many No supporters and the angry people who the Yes activists were warned might assault them.”

He can’t make a direct connection, but that doesn’t stop him from making a laughably fallacious direct connection anyway. Consider his laughably faux sanctimonious conclusion:

“All we can say for certain is that “Better Together” demonstrably doesn’t like people putting forward polite and reasoned arguments against it in public, from which readers may or may not wish to form their own judgements.”

The only thing you “can say for certain” is that the Rev is no ahem, ‘professional journalist’. His conclusion is pure supposition based on conflation of a trivial incident for his own purposes – the type of nasty wee trick he regularly accuses the hated mainstream media of manufacturing. So no surprise there then.

What the Rev’s empty non-story makes patently clear is that, in the world of the polarised Nationalist hate preacher, no incident is too trivial, no incident is too petty and no incident is too below the radar to use in order to whip up hatred of his perceived enemies.

And those enemies take many faces; Women, Gays, Unionists, journalists, Rangers supporters, Celtic supporters, Liverpool fans, Scots not prepared to vote Yes, Labour supporters, Conservative supporters, Greens, Lawyers, Irish people, Welsh people, English people, non-grammatically correct people, etc etc etc.

He wants you to hate him – Nationalist or Unionist – it doesn’t matter to him, because the hatred validates his existence.

If you don’t agree with his warped idea of what independence will mean for the country he doesn’t even bother to live in, then you are a “fuckwit” upon whom his “battle lines” will be “clearly drawn”.

Ask respected nationalists Natalie McGarry or Kate Higgins what they think of his clearly drawn battle lines and they’ll tell you he’s a nasty wee misogynist best ignored.

Kate has the Rev sussed.

Kate has the Rev sussed.

He clearly has a problem with women, which is a symptom which tends to come with the territory inhabited by bigoted misanthropic hate preachers like the Rev.

And that is the reason AhDinnaeKen suspects this non-story saw the light of day on his pseudo-political hate preaching blog.

The story of the incident came about because of a tweet from Union supporting, Labour supporting Louise Morton concerning the incident of the unwelcome Yes campaigners.

For the Rev it must have been like a red rag. No wonder he pulled out all the stops – a WOMAN!, a UNIONIST and a LABOUR supporter. Could there ever be a more vile combination in his arid, spiritually empty and hate driven misogynistic world?

Now that’s what I call ahem, ‘professional journalism’ Nationalist style.

A Unionist, a Labour supporter and a WOMAN! Louise, there is no place in the Rev's future independent Skintland for you. Bet you're glad about that.

A Unionist, a Labour supporter and a WOMAN! Louise, there is no place in the Rev’s future independent Skintland for you. Bet you’re glad about that.


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