Voting No? Prepare for more positive scaremongering

MOAN isn’t convinced by Firstminster Salmond’s scaremongering expansion strategy. She believes trying to stay positive too early could have a devastating effect on the Neverendum’s chances.
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By Moan McVulpineGetting shriller and uglier by the day

BEING STRAIGHT with voters is a good thing, obviously.

It’s sensible to give them the facts and let them decide on the merits of your argument. Providing your argument has substance, that is.

While being straight is all very well, there are limits. Nobody would expect voters to upset the apple cart based on an escapist abstract constitutional concept.

Nor would they expect you to stick your head in the sand while shouting la la la la la.

If you become ill due to Type-2 Independinites, you’ll end up in even more trouble and could go nuts.

That more or less sums up Firstminster Salmond’s lifeboat escape strategy from the hated Westmonster.

It’s like a man who bets not only his ain hoose on a long shot, but bets on everyone else’s future’s as well – just to prove a point.

Let’s be clear, most voters are proud of their country – just like most voters are proud of their houses, their gardens and their motor cars.

Most of the world’s leading economies are powered by people proud of their country.

It’s how you manage that pride which matters.

If you highlight enemies around which your people can unite that could be called tribalism.

Nationalism, by contrast, ramps up the tribalism and kills debate stone deid.

It means enemies must be shouted down, labelled, vilified and dehumanised. If you can’t win by positivity – which, according to the polls, Indy can’t – you might win by fear.

So the Yes Campaign’s launch of Project Feartie is likely to have the opposite effect of what was intended.

In 2011, Firstminster Salmond predicted that the Indy campaign would be a positive campaign. Now he is calling his opponents/enemies “Bitter Together” and “scaremongers” as a matter of course. Positive campaigning? You decide.

Bella Caledonication’s Kevin Williamsonoforange – an amnesiac Butcher’s Apron Burner – has entered into Project Feartie with relish.

His artistically positive site, dedicated to the belief that Skintland is populated with “inferiorists”, “colonists” and “turncoats” ramped up the ahem, ‘positivity’.

He concluded an alleged essay entitled ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful… Parts 1, 2 and 3’ in this manner:

“The future of the UK has been laid bare this weekend. It’s an unappeasing and remorselessly bleak future of widening inequality, crushing poverty, painful austerity and indiscriminate surveillance of the people.”

I don’t know about you, but I just pi**ed mahsel wi’ fear – in a cringing, materialistic, inferiorist, turncoat manner of course.

Good ‘positive campaigning’ stuff coming from the Deputy Chair of the Scottish Independence Convention Kakistocracy Objectives (SICKO).

And anti-Scotsfinder General Joan McCarthyalpine laps it all up.

In this week’s Daily Ranger she echoes the sentiment, concluding her weekly diatribe: “At least now we know the consequences of voting no in 2014.

“More cuts, more suffering the UK’s bad medicine.”

Now that’s what I call positive campaigning!



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