Moan McVulpine: The SNP are squeezing councils till they squeal

Moan puts forward the view that the SNP are the champions of populism, evasion and taking the Skints for mugs, and says that an Independent Skintland under the Nats would be ‘more of the same’ only more so.

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks

By Moan McVulpineDespising the Skints she openly deceives

THEY WERE branded “Tartan Tories” when first given a whiff of power – and for good reason.

The freezing of Council Tax is seen as a populist victory for the SNP – a symbol of ‘civic progressiveness”.

But, like the Tory Tories in the South, the SNP are devoted to centralising power over local democracy. He who controls the purse strings etc etc.

You can harry and quibble over the bawbees that poor people save from the SNP cooncil tax freeze. But the better off save more – in ‘trickle down‘ terms, of course.

And those savings, no matter how you spin them, ultimately hurt services and the people who most need them – the poor, the old, the vulnerable and the average.

But, socially just compassion aside, people have a wee bit more money in their pocket and that’s worth hammering home – just like the Tory Tory council tax freezers in England do.

Tartan Tories, Tory Tories, they’re aw in it the gither Tories.

Most average people struggle to buy a bottle of Pinot Grigio these days because, in the real world, it isn’t subsidised by the taxpayer.

Gas and electricity bills are soaring thanks to the wind farm subsidies so highly prized, exploited and supported by Firstminster Windbag Salmond. It’s been estimated that the average leccy bill has more than £100 per annum slapped on top thanks to the windbag subsidy.

Whit diz that tell ye aboot the SNP’s commitment to helping the poor and saving the Skints money? Answers written in crayon to SNP central please.

Recent research has shown average households across Skintland have seen their outgoings rise by a staggering £2,400 since 2007 – coincidence or magic that that’s when the SNP were first voted into power in the Plasticine Parliament? I think we should be told.

The real reason the SNP have imposed such austerity cuts on councils and their workforce is simple. It undermines local accountability and gives the centralising SNP government more power and influence over decisions they really should butt out on.

The Nationalists cannot help their centralising tendencies – ask the polis, the fire brigade, and the justice system.

For Wee Ecky’s Indy vanity project to have had a real chance, they really needed to do better at the last council elections.

That his centralising party didn’t has only highlighted the real double billed reason for sustaining the council tax freeze: it sidelines local powerbases and minimises their influence.

So with the control of one very limited tax, the Skintish Government  has made a difference to thousands of potential votes.

Imagine what the SNP could do if the Plasticine Parliament controlled all of the taxes in Skintland?

It doesn’t bear thinking about.



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