Moan McVulpine: Nationalists think we were all born yesterday

Moan McVulpine says that in an independent Skintland pensioners could expect more of the same as she slams the Skints for growing old.

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks

By Moan McVulpineSaying one thing in public, another in private

A STUDY by the consumer magazine C U Jimmy! this year found the SNP had one of the lowest credibility ratings of any Independence party.

For example, the Norwegians achieved real autonomous independence in 1814, not the kiddy oan independence currently being proposed by the SNP.

Ireland’s peoples had a real appetite for Independence and took to arming themselves and fighting for their self determination in the early 1900s. Can you imagine the Skints doing that? Me neither.

As for Germany, not only did they achieve full independence post World War 2, they went further and unified their ex-communist neighbours into a greater Germany.

Almost immediately, they flexed their newly found diplomatic power muscles and chose to flout international law and U.N. mandates by illegally recognising Croatia as an independent nation.

Some say it was their ex-Hitler youth chancellor, Helmut Kohl, paying tribute to his long deid moustachioed hero. Zeig Heil ya tong basturts! as we Weegies like to say some times.

But all of these movements led to great upheaval, social unrest and, in certain instances, unrestrained and bloody violence.

In comparison, Wee Ecky’s vision centres on economic ‘levers’, staying in a currency Union with their hated imperialist oppressors, entering into a political Union with the United States of Germany, and seeking the protection of a first stike military Union within the United States of NATO.

Wow! Now that’s what I call ahem, ‘independence’ or, as they say in certain circles, “more Unionist than the Unionists.”

As if to pour oil on pipsqueakingly still waters, now we’ve to keep and share the same administration of pensions with the Unionists so long as it doesn’t tie the SNP into policies which they oppose. No guarantees though, it’s worth noting.

Who says that the Nat’s don’t have a sense of humour? – ah nearly pished mahsel when ah heard that wan on the British Brainwashing Corporation radio this morning.

And then we have Joan McArthyalpine rambling on in the Daily Ranger aboot pensions and the awfulness of the current Unionist administration of pensions.

Ye couldnae make it up.

Hus anybody got a nappy, ah’ve just pished mahsel laffin.


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