Klan Alba Nationalists heartened by ethno-Croatian support

Skintish Klan Nationalists were heartened today by the fitba banner support displayed by ethnically cleansed ultra-Nationalist Croatian fans. AhDinnaeKen asks, is this the kind of morally repugnant backing the Klan Alba Nationalists should be happy about?

"Nationalist Politics websites are usually the expression of human immaturity." - Vera Britain.

“Nationalist Politics at the fitba is usually the expression of human immaturity.” – Vera Britain. In this case, it’s much more sinister than that.

By Jen O’ Syde

NATIONALIST SUPREMACIST cybernats took ‘positive’ encouragement from Croatian Nationalist fitba fan support last night.

The pro-ethnic cleansing Croat fans want Skintland to achieve Independence within the United States of Germany – just like Croatia did in 1941 and 1992.

With Weimar Republic recognition secured in 92, ex-Hitler Youth Chancer, Helmut Kohl, insisted that looting, illegal procurement of Serbian property, expulsion, torture, random murder and genocide, was the best way for Croatians to achieve “grown up” socially just independence.

And those same Croatian fitba brothers in arms to the Skints, stood in the shape of a swastika in 2006 in a so called friendly fitba match against Italy. Lovely!

Also worth noting was the formation of the letter ‘U’ by Croatian fans in Bosnia in 2007 to show their support for the ultra Croatian Nationalist Ustaše movement.

The Ustase symbol on the Croatian flag during a match against Turkey in 2008

The Ustase symbol on the Croatian flag during a match against Turkey in 2008

The Ustaše were responsible for the torture, mutilation, murder, annihilation and genocide of Serbians, Romanis and Jews alike during World War II. They still operate today.

What’s more, the German and Croatian football federations were fined in 2012 for their fans singing songs associated with Nazism and the wearing of Nazi symbols

So, it came as no surprise tae AhDinnaeKen that the likes of anti-transparency corporation tax vote abstainer, Alyn Smith MEP, should welcome the support of such people.

In a tweet earlier today he said something civically positive about his fellow Croatian MEPs which cannot be quoted here because the tweet has since been deleted.

Nationalist supremacist website, Wangs Over Skintland, used the Croatian incident as another excuse to ‘positively’ denigrate Skints who, unlike its editor, actually live, vote and work here.

According to the non-domiciled ahem, ‘professional journalist’, Skints were given a lesson in “self respect” by the independent ethnic-cleansing supporting Croatia fans.

With people like Wangs and the Wangers on the Nationalist side, they don’t need enemies.

The above comment comes from someone who doesn't even have the guts to live in Scotland. Now that's what I call ahem, 'professional journalism'.

The above comment, in relation to the Croatian fans, comes from someone who doesn’t even have the guts to live in Scotland. Now that’s what I call ahem, ‘professional journalism’.



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2 responses to “Klan Alba Nationalists heartened by ethno-Croatian support

  1. allanwils

    SS murderers fresh from slaughtering untold thousands of Civilians on the Eastern front, some of the worst carried out by the Nazis. Pleaded with Berlin to be removed from Croatia & Serbia because even they couldn’t stand the behaviour and despicable acts of horror carried out by the Ustaše against non-croats. Behaviour passed down to their sons, who continued these acts during the Balkans war. It is their extreme Nationalist Grandsons who now take this ideology onto the Terraces of Zagreb. It is a National disgrace that a section of the Nationalists from Scotland are proudly advertising and welcoming support from these people.

  2. I have to agree with you allanwills.

    I spent a short time in Zagreb around 1997 and found the Croatian people I met there to be welcoming and friendly. But there’s definitely a dark undercurrent of xenophobic crypto fascism about the place. You only had to look at the graffiti and the daubed slogans on some of the streets out of the beaten way.

    A large section of Croatian football supporters personify and nurture this deep unpleasantness.

    The Nationalists gleefully retweeting pics of this banner show their probably well intentioned but misplaced emotions.

    Desperation to escape the Tory Tories through alleged self determination is one thing. Siding with fascists is quite another.



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