Moan McVulpine: The million Groat question is… where’s our money going?

MOAN argues that Skintland is losing out as the number of SNP concessions to tax evading multi-million corporations grows.

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks

By Moan McVulpineApologist for corporate gift grabbers everywhere

WHO WANTS to be a millionaire? We all do, but when you’re failing your efficiency targets in a minimum wage McJob at Amazon, there’s hee haw chance o’ that happenin’.

Yet, despite Amazon’s systemic tax avoidance and well documented sweatshop treatment of workers, the SNP were more than happy to hand them £10.6 million of honest taxpayer corporate gift card money.

And the return? Hard pressed Skintish job seekers treated like sub-human automatons by a company without a vestige of humanity or social conscience about it.

But hey, Amazon knows its business, its regulations, its market and its politicians better than virtually any other company in the world.

Don’t expect any SNP politician to stick up for the workers at Amazon Dunfermline any time soon.

They’re too busy turning a blind eye to Amazon’s alleged permanent job figures and abstaining from voting for greater accountability for tax avoiding companies in Europe.

A real confidence builder for anyone swithering about which way to vote come the great ‘Day of Dustbinry’ in September 2014, I don’t think.

At Amazon Dunfermline, the average worker’s wage is £6.19 per hour. They can be arbitrarily sacked on their way into work without their knowledge and have to make their way back home at any time of night or morning miles away from the beaten track of public transport links. Lovely!

We are shackled to this corporate gift culture mentality fae the SNP. If it isn’t a Fred the Shred letter of support, it’s an unprecendented intervention in local planning permission for Donald Trump, or a backscratching willingness to lobby for a Rupert Murdoch media monopoly or a commitment to lower corporation tax 3 per cent below that set by basturt Westminster.

And now we hear that the party which has allegedly worked hard to lose the Tartan Tory label has abstained on European measures to tackle tax avoidance, evasion and fraud by corporations and large companies – the same measures UKIP, the Tory Tories and the BNP voted against.

Aye, they’re aw in it the gither and their true colours are coming to the fore every time they’re left open to scrutiny.



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