That Wiz the Week that Wiznae #3

A funny old week in which the SNPs ‘levers vision’ looks increasingly like corporate whoredom ‘sweetened‘ by a chastened and low rent spied upon workforce. AhDinnaeKen asks, how long till non-SNP voting intentions are declared illegal in Skintland?

Blessed be the cancer sufferers for 'social justice' Skintish style has passed them by.

Tories, UKIP and SNP MEPs refused to support action to fight tax evasion, tax fraud and aggressive tax avoidance. The real surprise about this news is that it’s no surprise.

By Longshanker

Monday May 27: Backs to the future and back to the past

"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions." - Leonardo da Vinci

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Mostly impressive political columnist, David Torrents, cuts through SNP bluster with a scything polemic on the grievance confirmation politics of upper echelon Nationalist types.

Dissecting the desperation of Firstminster Salmond’s recent FMQs reference to remarks made by a ‘spent’ Labouring Chancer from 90 years ago, he accurately concludes that such details, speculation and supposition tell us Skints hee haw we did not already know aboot Skintland’s oil. So no change there then.

AhDinnaeKen buys into the Nationalist grievance about oil revenues being misspent and misdirected by Westminster. If it hadn’t been for oil revenues coming on stream when they did in the eighties, Thatcher the milk snatcher probably wouldn’t have survived her first governmental term – a suppositional belief Mr Torrents was happy to virtually agree on with AhDinnaeKen.

Summed up: Just as Wee Ecky’s Fred the Shred letter showed a distinct lack of economic foresight, relying on grievances from the past – like Healey’s Victor Meldrew reminiscences – displays a similar lack of vision. In short, it’s unconvincing bollocks which only really plays well with the already converted. Come in Wee Ecky, yer tea’s oot!

Tuesday May 28: Indy Skintland – open for business to anyone

"If all the economists were laid end to end, they'd never reach a conclusion." - George Bernard Shaw

“If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion.” – George Bernard Shaw

A newly Independent Skintland would not only be a progressive and civic beacon of social justice to the watching world, it would also attract more inward investment than a post-Soviet satellite country, according to some guy who got a Business and Economics degree at some unspecified (list-D?) university.

Hardon MacIntyre-Chump – the self proclaimed economist –  overly relies on phrases such as “new research demonstrates that Skintland could…” or “Evidence strongly suggests…” or “business people believe” or “could easily be mirrored in Skintland…” or “becoming an independent country implies…” etc. etc. etc. ZZzz…

The bottom line and subtext of the majority of these assertions appears to be that Skintish businessmen will be able to offer overseas investors a supine, desperate for work population ready to be exploited for cut down wages – like we had and have with Amazon, for example.

His conclusion finishes with this sentence: “Just imagine what will be possible when we have a fully empowered Skintish Government…”

Summed up: You don’t have to imagine too much. You just need to take a look at Amazon, Trump, Halls, Diageo and Stagecoach if you want a glimpse at a SNP based future Skintland.

Wednesday May 29: Free speech still to be allowed in Skintland

TWTWTW 2n JuneWedFuture fitba song singers and advocates of free speech can breath easier this week. The recently politicised and centralised polis broon shirts got sent homeward tae think yet again by guid auld Skintish coort justice. Free speech still exists in Skintland thank god – even under the auspice of ‘terrorist’ acquitting, legal aid denying, Injustice Minster Kenny MacNaeskill.

Calum Goinhame, a numpty Bhoys fan, was acquitted of inciting public disorder by singing a song which includes the incendiary lyrics “Fight on and make our homeland a nation once again.” Hmm, sounds familiar, like certain Nationalist supremacy types currently dominating Twitter in Skintish circles.

AhDinnaeKen, like the majority of Skints, thinks the Role of Dishonour song sung at away grounds by Bhoys fans is vile and unpleasant and taints the club and its mostly decent fans. But, and this is a big but, what is even more offensive is legislation which gives the polis broon shirts the power to arbitrarily decide which songs and which lyrics merit as chargeable offenses.

We* still want to live in a country where free speech includes the right to be offensive. Otherwise you end up living under similar conditions to a police state. And that’s a much more offensive concept.

Summed up: How many more “mince” rulings does there have to be before the “competent” SNP administration gets it into their freedom of speech denying skulls that kneejerk legislation achieves nothing other than the systematic undermining of the so called legislators and authorities? Doh!

Thursday May 30: Education Minster sh*ts himself

“I just stepped in shit, and now I’ve got political rhetoric all over my shoes.
” ― Jarod Kintz

“I just stepped in shit, and now I’ve got political rhetoric all over my shoes.
” ― Jarod Kintz

Student robbing nepotist and creepiest of the SNP Shitminsters, Mike Bernhard Rust-ell, ends up in the sh*t yet again over whatever shi**y thing he did or did not say regarding a shi**y local Argyll bus service.

Fulfilling a manufactured shi**y story quota for smearing purposes – something which Rust-ell is no slouch at himself – the sh*t story is readily reported in a shi**y newspaper.

Rust-ell is alleged to have called a 4 hour shi**y bus journey shi**y – a statement allegedly corroborated by six labour voting sh*t stirrers.

But according to SNP brown nosers that version of events is a load of sh*t. Apparently Rust-ell had said that a shi**y ferry crossing was much better than a sh*t bus journey.

Summed up: Whatever shi**y thing Rust-ell did or didn’t say, one fact is for sure, this story is a load of pish.

Friday May 31: Who is this Nobel prize winning Stig-lips?

"When a contradiction is impossible to resolve except by a lie, then we know that it is really a door." - Simone Weil

“When a contradiction is impossible to resolve except by a lie, then we know that it is really a door.” – Simone Weil

The plan by Corporate Whore Salmond to reduce Skintland to a backscratching fiefdom where minimum wage slaves do the bidding of their tax  avoiding corporate masters, gets shot to pieces by the Firstminster’s own adviser.

Joseph Stiglips says that lowering Corporation tax “is just a gift to the corporations, increasing inequality in our society.”

What he forgets is that the SNP already has form in the region of a £10.5 million taxpayer subsidised corporate gift card to Amazon.

So, no matter the warning, advice, suggestion or whatever, the Firstminster’s vision of an independent Skintland is already well aware of the shift to inequality. It’s just that Eck seems to care not a jot, other than vote catching Barnum statement lip service, aboot normal Skints.

Summed up: Whenever Wee Ecky mentions corporation tax on the telly just shout Amazon whaur’s yer tax returns (to the tune of Donald whaur’s yer troosers).

Saturday June 1: Robert De Bruce Neverendum letter discovered

"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." - Samuel Johnson

“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” –
Samuel Johnson

Miraculously and completely coincidentally, a new previously undiscovered letter written by big greedy land grabber and pro-European feudal overlord Robert De Bruce hits the headlines.

It reputedly says: “Westminster gies a brek, we’ve got devolution noo and that’ll dae us until the true patriot of this great wee country, Sun King Salmond gets in.

“We will put independence to the vote in 700 years time, or at least, that’s what it will feel like for my ain wee people.

Summed up: Gosh, isn’t it amazing that this document should turn up now.

Sunday: Wee Blether is watching, listening and tracking YOU!

"Surveillance induced morality: relics of cultural retardation." - Marc Maron.

“Surveillance induced morality: relics of cultural retardation.” – Marc Maron.

The Sunday Excess runs the second story in a week which should give any liberty and ffrreeddoomm™ loving Skint more than pause for thought at the kind of ‘progressive’ Nationalistic society we can expect post independence.

The Data Sharing and Linkage Service is trailed by the Excess as “the free world’s most intrusive computer database of personal details, with every citizen being logged and monitored from “cradle to grave”. The story catalogues some severely disturbing facts to back up the assertion.

Effectively the SNP government is giving the green light to a database which will log any details of potential use to public, private and commercial authorities alike, whether you like it or not.

There is no opt out and the only apparent concession to privacy concerns is that the government is ‘planning’ to set up a Privacy Advisory and Ethics Committee.

Given the ethics displayed by some of the SNP front bench, they’d be as well saying that a wee man doon the park will be making sure nuthin bad happens.

Summed up: Centralised police force, brown shirt singsong tactics, anti-transparency, pro corporate, tax avoiding votes by SNP MEPs. Do you trust the SNP Klan with this type of personal information? Answers on a Neverendum ballot paper please.


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