Silly Berkcow DID commit Thoughtcrime rules Big Badass Brother

Smart arse Berkcow gets a caning for committing Thoughtcrime in a truly chilling verdict for sarcasm, irony and idiocy. AhDinnaeKen peeks from behind the curtains:

Why has Silly got her kit off? - *innocent face*.

Why has Silly got her kit off? – *innocent face*.

By Silly Berkcow

THE WHOLE of Twitfaced Britain is facing a huge reappraisal of its thinking/Tweeting following the Silly Berkcow libel judgement in the Highdehigh Court yesterday.

Justice Tugshiscock ruled that Big Speaker’s star Berkcow defamed Lord Lorksalordy in a tweet last November.

She falsely outed him as a human being with a nervous system following a frenzy of television speculation that he was in fact an inhuman monster.

The broadcast – since proven untrue – claimed a senior Tory Tory from the Thatcher years had, at one time, actually behaved like a human being.

Silly, the wife of a big speaking wee man, asked her 56 million Twitter hingers-on: “Why is Lord Lorksalordy recoiling in pain when he is pricked? *Innocent face*?”

Lord Lorksalordy who played a pivotal role in Thatcher’s triumphant years, said Berkcow’s Tweet suggested he was a human being and sued Mrs Berkcow over the slur.

She apologised for sending the Tweet but has repeatedly denied the comment was libellous.

However, the court did not see it that way and ruled she should be publicly humiliated and impoverished.

Justice Tugshiscock said the “natural and ordinary meaning ” of her words meant Lord Lorksalordy was a human being who was guilty of compassion, weakness and tolerance.

He added the words “innocent face” would have been seen by her followers as “sarcastic, jokey and ironical”, and her tweet provided readers with the “last piece of the jigsaw” that Berkcow is indeed an attention seeking arsehole.

The judge said: “Us Lords are fed up of the proletariat thinking they can say what they want on digitalised Socialist media.

“This travesty of a ruling should send out a strong message. Think twice before you decide to question the ruling elite.”


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