Nationalists turn on the polls and the parkas

Skintland, yesterday, suffered from its biggest outbreak of treason, inferiorism and Stockholm syndrome since the last Ipsos-Moron poll was published. Young Nationalist Socialist Turks explained why the country’s ‘collective cringe’, like tedious lone trainspotters, makes us a nation of cowardly parkas. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

"Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for." - Clarence Darrow. Time for a bit of social programming boys. Let's turn on the polls and the parkas.

“Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.” – Clarence Darrow. Time for a bit of social re-programming boys. Let’s turn on the polls and the parkas.

By Ahmnoahracist Smartypants

THE SKINTS have been accused of turning into a nation of “parkas” according to a prominent Nationalist supremacy site.

Bella Caledonication attacked fellow Skints in the wake of an Ipsos-Moron poll which showed that Skintish support for their imperial subjugating masters was on the rise in the country.

According to the poll almost three million Skints able to vote in the upcoming Neverendum, would vote for a hundred years of Tory Tory rule as opposed to Sun King Salmond’s vanity project.

The uncomfortable truth led to a robustly positive response from Bella Caledonication where the Skints were described as suffering from “inferiorism”, a “collective cringe” and “materialism” addiction.

And this, the positively influential piece concluded, could only be turned around by conducting a “social audit” and a public auto-da-fe reprogramming of Skintish heretical parkas.

“There is only one way to deal with such a cancer of inferiorism in the country” said author of the Bella piece, James Maxwellhoose, “and that is to root out the weak minded parkas and DELETE them!”

Referring to the current Skintish cringe as a “virus”, Maxwellhoose concluded that we needed to reprogram the country with a new cleaner, purer, “operating system” so that bugs such as non-compliant thinking or behaviour could be cured by institutionally audited applications.

Mr Maxwellhoose said:

“There is no room in our tolerant and open sourced meta-programming societal ideology for parkas.

“We need to upgrade the anti-virus software that has affected our culture and leaves it marginalised, degraded or abandoned.

“Parkas and polls slow our country down. We must ignore the polls and reprogram the parkas.”

Cringing, inferior, born to consume materialistic, arch-Unionist Britnat Labour troll and parka, Longshanker, said: “Who the f**k are these people wan*ing on about post-industrial political landscapes shaped by flowering collective memes and actions?

“Try coming to my workplace and explaining this pseudo-intellectual smartphone inspired pretentious pish to anyone who isn’t an anorak. They’d be laughed oot o’ the canteen.

“We are all polls and parkas here. Thank f**k!”


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