Wangs Watch: Let he who is without sin…

You have to question Labour lawyer Ian Smart’s judgement using the ‘P’ word in a tweet, no matter the context or alleged intent of its use. Whatever Mr Smart has to say from now on in the Indy debate, he will always have to face the jibe that he is nothing but a ‘racist’. Ho hum. Next! Leading the online lynch mob of faux Nationalist outrage was our regular paragon of hypocrisy, overt smear and covert libel – the Reverend ‘hate preacher’ Campbell of Wangs Over Skintland. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

So that's the majority of the Scots accounted for then. What was that "inescapable implication" that Mr Smart made again.

So that’s the majority of the Scots libelled and labelled  then. What was that “inescapable implication”  Mr Smart made again? We* think we* should be told.

By Longshanker

A NOTORIOUS Nationalist hate preacher has been accused of stirring lynchmob style, faux outrage in order to  reinforce Nationalist stereotype ‘grievance politics’.

Rev Stuart Campbell, a self alleged ahem, ‘professional journalist’, claimed in a hate filled tirade that Labour lawyer Ian Smart “regards the Scots as vicious racist brutes kept in check only by the wise dominion of Westminster.”

The non-domiciled, self confessed misanthrope, who preaches hate, bile and blogs from Nationalist supremacy site, Wangs Over Skintland, also frothed: “The inescapable implication of Smart’s response is that Scotland as a whole would “turn on” ethnic minorities.”

Mr Campbell received hundreds of replies, comments and tweets from deeply hurt and identity wounded pro-Scottish 90 minute bigots Nationalists and responded: “The anti-Scots traitors are too many, we must smear them all.”

Preaching from his cubpoard under the stairs in Bath, the haunting memory of Mr Campbell’s notorious 2006 Future Publishing court case now appears to have been mostly exorcised from his tortured mind.

Campbell’s over inflated ego was thoroughly ‘bitch slapped’, flattened, demolished and destroyed when his sanctimonious self righteous crusade of greed justice, lodged against previous employers Future Publishing, was thrown out of court on a point of due process – leaving him liable for some not inconsiderable legal fees running into thousands of personally ruinous pounds sterling.

And this, despite Future Publishing having previously offered to settle out of court for a not inconsiderable sum, also running into thousands of pounds.

Critics point to Campbell’s risible lack of ‘self representing’ rationality when dealing with the fearsome reality of copyright claims, multi-million pound companies and professional corporate lawyers.

In a woe is me monologue cataloguing the tedious details of his laughably Quixotic crusade for money justice, Mr Campbell whined: “As for Future and their lawyer scum, I hope they fucking die.”

Unfortunately for Mr Campbell, they didn’t fucking die, though the link to the original monologue mysteriously fucking disappeared following a reference to it by a fucking Wangs commenter.

Critics have claimed Mr Campbell’s vindictive campaign against Ian Smart may originate from a pathological hatred of “lawyer scum”. Mr Campbell is 45.

Fortunately for Mr Campbell, those outstanding discomfiting legal fees are now being picked up and paid for by his halfwit acolytes of hate, intolerance and grievance confirmation, the Wangers – who allegedly gifted him more than £30,000 recently.

As rational-ish critics of the stooshie point out, Ian Smart might be a bit of a w**k, but his lambasting on Twitter and consequent poor show on Scotnicht means it’s probably best to ignore the guy and stop pointscoring.

Now that’s what I call ahem, ‘professional journalism’.

And we*'ll write what we* want too if it's not too empirically arresting.

And we*’ll write what we* want too if it’s not too empirically arresting.




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8 responses to “Wangs Watch: Let he who is without sin…

  1. Hermione

    Well that’s another bonus of the coming No vote then. Looking forward to sending Campbell the message “Goodbye – don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya…”

  2. Cheers Hermione

    If he was really so passionate about Indy for Scotland, he would be up here campaigning in the conference rooms or chapping doors trying to persuade people of Indy’s merits? I’m sure he can afford the train fare – Bath’s hardly the other side of the world.

    Everything else is just ego driven sophistry and the Wangers, like gullible snake oil buyers anywhere, swallow it hook line and sinker.


    • Hermione

      Here’s a thought – just why doesn’t a freelance (or is that “unemployable”?) “journalist” who’s so committed to his cause rent out the gaff in Bath, move up to Scotland, rent a room somewhere and put their shoulder to the campaign wheel?

      I think we should be told.

  3. Hey look at this link

    And this wonderful quote: “Returning home from an epic and fruitful Snack Patrol, I find a postcard from the Royal Mail on the doormat, informing me of a Special Delivery item they’ve tried to bring me while I was out. Expecting it to be my Japanese import copy of Giga Wing Generations, I stroll all the way across town to the depot, only to discover to my considerable disappointment that it’s a letter from Future’s solicitors.”

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