Baroness Thatcher’s funeral: Will Baron Salmond shed tears?

It’s the question which is on no one’s lips. Will Firstminster Baron Salmond shed tears over his long term mentor and friend Baroness Thatcher. AhDinnaeKen asks the Baron’s bestest backscratching buddy, Goebbels Murdoch.

"Grief is a species of idleness." - Samuel Johnson

“Grief is a species of idleness.” – Samuel Johnson. Expect most MSPs to be grieving then.

By Wizit Thesun-Whitdidit

BARON SALMOND is expected to shed tears over his political ally and friend, Baroness Thatcher – in terms of the debate – according to Goebbels Murdoch.

The Firstminster knows that it will be harder to play the “Vote independence, don’t get the Tories ever again” card, now that the ‘witch is well and truly deid’.

Firstminster Baron Salmond lamented: “Where there are Tories, may we offer a shaky alternative. Where there is error, may we rely on Freedom Of Information blocking. Where there is doubt, may we make false assertions. And where there is despair, may we exploit it as a dirty Tory trick which only Independence can deliver us from.”

Firstminster Baron Salmond is 89 and is now seriously contemplating his own political lifespan.

Goebbels Murdoch said: “I feel for the Baron. Maggie taught him everything he knows.”


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