SNP are right to dig two graves on day Thatcher is buried

AS the people paying the price of the £10million reminder of the SNP’s treacherous No confidence vote in 1979, shouldn’t the Scots be given the right to express their abhorrence of the freeloading list MSPs currently let loose in the Scottish plasticine parliament.

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks
By Moan McVulpine Digging two graves – one for herself, one for her leader

THE SNP want to silence both Freedom of Information and unrevised history tomorrow for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

It seems they don’t want any more ding dongs or #internetnutcases disrupting their rosy notion of ‘civic’ nationalism.

Labour and the electorate were to blame for their cosying up to Thatcher the milk snatcher in 1979.

But, just as in 1979, present day Scots are in command of their own minds when it comes to judging the ‘virtuous’ antics of the SNP.

Eleven fine upstanding “totally honest” SNP centurion turkeys voted for electoral oblivion Xmas when they chose to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Iron lady in the No confidence voting lobby.

The Scots electorate couldnae believe it – anyone with eyes and ears could see and hear what was coming next from that particular brand of Toxic Tory.

Yet the SNP cosied up to her anyway. Do these people have foresight or political nous or any real genuine interest in their country other than power?

Two SNP MPs returned in the consequent 1979 general election was the Scottish electorate’s answer – No! They don’t.

The then SNP leader, Gordon Wilson, was fully expecting to double the SNP tally to around twenty MPs. Now that’s what I call foresight.

And then of course there are the revisionists. Boo hoo, the 40% rule made us do it they wailed. Boo hoo, big bad Labour pulled a fast one on us and didnae play fair they blubbed.

What they conveniently forget is: The weakness of a minority government which conceded the vote for a Scottish Assembly in return for SNP support, was the very same weakness which had to concede to the insertion of the unfair 40% rule in return for the Labour backbenches support.

Despite the best attempts of then Labour MP Denis Canavan to change that, the Labour cabal responsible for the 40% rule stayed resolute and the rule remained.

And that, as someone somewhere once said about something, “is politics, get it up ye.”

So any time you hear certain SNP types bemoaning the legacy of Thatcher and the hurt she inflicted on Scotland while simultaneously ripping us off with the monies garnered from the eighties North Sea Oil bonanza, it’s worth remembering just who the key players were in aiding, abetting and laying the red carpet to power for the Iron Lady – the SCOTTISH NATIONALIST PARTY.

Eleven Scottish SNP MPs voted for her in unison. Not one conscientious abstention.

That is the SNP legacy. That is something they always need to be reminded of at times like these.

And that, maybe part explains why Rupert Murdoch’s bestest backscratching pal, Alex Salmond said, when discussing Margaret Thatcher legacy: “We didn’t mind the economic side so much.”

Still, makes you wonder why some Labour and non-aligned types persist in calling the SNP ‘Tartan Tories’.

Me, ah couldnae possibly comment captain. Beam me up.

Indeed. Don't we all?

Indeed. Don’t we all?




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4 responses to “SNP are right to dig two graves on day Thatcher is buried

  1. droid

    Two graves to bury the two faces of unionism – lies and deceit be their names

    • Thankyou Droid

      Which part of the post is lies?

      The SNP voting with Thatcher?

      The Scots electorate returning 2 MPs from a previous high of 11?

      I think you should spit it out.


  2. keaton

    Didn’t Thatcher win an election? And then two more? Don’t see how that’s the SNP’s fault. Agree that Gordon Wilson’s a twat, mind.

    • Keaton

      Didn’t Thatcher win an election? And then two more?

      Of course she did. She was quick to recognise, exploit and act on available opportunities.

      SNP in their myopic lust for venegance provided her with her first real opportunity to impose her authority on her party. If the gamble hadn’t come off for her, who’s to say what would have happened to her leadership credentials. A failed No confidence vote was like putting her head on the block amongst her own party. Who amongst her party enemies could discredit a leader who had just brought down a weak Labour government?

      Thanks SNP!

      When someone shouts Fire in a crowded theatre and people end up crushed, do you blame the people rushing the exits or do you look to the person who shouted fire in the first place?

      Thatcher’s initial period as Tory leader was always on a shoogly peg. SNP’s shoulder to shoulder support put her on firmer ground with her own party and the rest is history.


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