Which CyberNationalist said: “9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and I laughed the whole time.”?

YOU KNOW you’ve got ethnic Nationalists like Reverend Stu of Wangs Over Skintland on the run when they/he refer to you as a “lunatic stalker”, a “nutcase” and claims that you ‘threatened’ them/him on their/his website. AhDinnaeKen offers some evidential reasons why the Reverend is so keen to write off AhDinnaeKen.

“Preaching is personal counseling on a group basis.” – Harry Emerson. Whereas hate preaching is money gathering on an individual basis. Weel din Wangers  – ye’ve been selt a pup.

By Longshanker

ANYONE OLD enough to remember 9/11 will have watched the horror of the terrorist outrage tragically played out on television in New York with a variety of human emotions. Many of those emotions will have ranged from outrage, to shock to a deep and mournful sadness.

The editor of AhDinnaeKen is still haunted by the picture of the ‘falling man’ and the truly awful choice faced by that poor and tragic individual.

No one in possession of a nervous system and the frailty of suffering from normal human emotion could possibly have avoided feeling sorrow and sympathy for the relatives and friends and victims of the Twin Towers attack.

There are too many images, stories, tales of courage and tales of sadness for the true horror of 9/11 ever to be fully realised.

And then there’s the reaction of a self confessed misanthropist currently operating under the hatefully false banner of ahem, ‘professional journalism’ – Reverend Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland.

Starting on the 29th April 2009 in a protracted, disgusting, and hateful tirade on an internet forum dedicated to Neo-Geo console games, the editor of Wings Over Scotland, The Reverend Stuart Campbell, had a very different view of 9/11.

In May 2009 Reverend Stuart Campbell wrote: “9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and I laughed the whole time.”
AhDinnaeKen took a straw poll of friends and work colleagues and asked the following question:

“What would you think of someone who said: “9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and I laughed the whole time.”?

Reactions varied. Some thought we were kidding and immediately queried who would say such a thing.

Other opinions ranged from immature‘ to ‘no very richt‘ to ‘horrible‘. The consensus focussed on the disbelief that anyone would commit such a vile statement to the written word, nevermind post it on a web forum which is sourced, written and moderated by Americans.

Yet, the Reverend did exactly that. And all because a feature he wrote on a  videogame series called Metal Slug was criticised for inaccuracy by the aforementioned Yanks.

It might not be relevant to his alleged ahem, ‘work’ for the Independence cause, but AhDinnaeKen believes it should be relevant to every Independinista and every SNP bod, menial and not so menial, who freely converse, swap information, retweet and endorse Wings Over Scotland.

This individual, Reverend Stuart Campbell, is on record saying he actively wants people who disagree with him to HATE him. Readers can make up their own mind on the mindset which desires such an outcome.

AhDinnaeKen doesn’t hate the Reverend. AhDinnaeKen is more concerned with the association some members of the SNP are publicly seen to be allowing him by endorsing his hate preaching and misanthropy.

True activists such as the Greens James MacKenzie, Labour’s Duncan Hothersall, the SNP’s Calum Cashley and Independence blogger Kate Higgins all care passionately about Scotland achieving independence – or not, in Dunc’s case.

These individuals are routinely castigated, insulted and subjected to bilious hateful attacks intended to belittle them by the Reverend. And all because they’ve had the temerity to criticise and stand up to him. The Metal Slug Yanks did the same thing – look at the Reverend’s answer to them.

One Wings Over Scotland donater, or Wanger, as this site will refer to them, has openly challenged real professional journalist Euan McColm to provide evidence of Wings’ racism. The Wanger said he’ll reconsider his alleged £200 donation.

Given that misanthropy covers a multitude of sins – misogyny, homophoia, sectarianism and racism being some of them – we’d like to point out that this post doesn’t prove racism, we think it proves something way beyond that.

We invite readers, Wangers and anyone else interested in the growing influence of a bona fide hate preaching sectarian bigot to make up their own mind.

Communications Officer: Just what message is being communicated here?

Communications Officer: Just what message is being communicated here?

AhDinnaeKen posted a joke about Scots having to take the Porridge Test some time ago. Or at least, we thought it was a joke.

AhDinnaeKen posted a joke about Scots having to take the ‘Porridge Test’ some time ago. Or at least, we thought it was a joke.



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8 responses to “Which CyberNationalist said: “9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and I laughed the whole time.”?

  1. 006 1/2

    just used google search for Stuart Campbell metal slug and it came up top of the list lol , by the way I used to read Your Sinclair magazine that he wrote for ( but before he joined them thankfully ) and I’m not surprised it folded in the end !!!

  2. herebychance

    It is clear to me he was being ironic in posting that. The context is all.All the stuff about cancer etc is in the same bracket.It is also clear to me that you are jealous, just a tad maybe, of his success as a blogger and are using this exchange on some gaming site to attack him.

    By the way I have no connection whatsoever to him and have never met or spoken to him in any way.

    • “…he was being ironic…

      Of course he was.

      Just like the irony over Hillsborough, feminism, the electorate, rape apologism et al.

      Join the queue with the rest of the apologists who feel they have justify their apologism.


  3. Trafalgar

    Scum like him should be jailed until death!!.

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