Exclusive: Scottish Sun will do what Murdoch tells it – nobody shocked

The Scottish Sun reveals that it will do exactly as Ruper Murdoch wants it to regarding its Neverendum editorial stance.

Firstminster Salmond: Scratching corporate backsides since before 2011.

Firstminster Salmond: Scratching corporate backsides since before 2007.

By Sue Pine

THE SCOTTISH Sun has said it is far too early for Mr Murdoch to give a toss about next year’s independence Neverendum.

Some Scottish voters are champing at the bit to free themselves from the subjugating yolk (sic) of Stockholm Syndrome and cultural, economic and political imperialism.

A Sun spokesperson said corporate and political considerations would determine the newspaper’s decision “depending on the potential concessions Mr Murdoch can extort from the Westminster govenment”.

The statement came after another media outlet broke ranks and reminded everyone that Mr Murdoch doesn’t back “lost causes”.

The Independent newspaper claimed on Monday that Mr Murdoch had signalled to David Cameron that if he lays off press regulation the Scottish Sun will lay off independence.

However, in a statement, a spokesperson for the Scottish Sun said: “Since Mr Salmond recently tried to play the big man on press regulation and did hee haw for us on the BSkyB bid, he’s getting not one bean fae us. Neutrality is a double edged sword muddy funster.”

Last February, Rupert Murdoch tweeted that Firstminster Salmond was the best thing in Scotland since deep fried mars bars.

He also signalled his support when he said: “Let Salmond eat as many mars bars as he wants. Nobody cares about his gluttony so long as the Neverendum delivers freedom from him.”

The Scottish Sun, which is Scotland’s biggest selling newspaper, switched from what Mr Murdoch told it to in 2007 to what Mr Murdoch told it to in 2011.


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