Oil and gas paid for Holyrood boom…now it can fuel Salmond’s vanity project

MOAN believes if Skintland was put in charge of its oil revenues it would be in a better position to pay for any foreign junket desired by the Firstminster and his surrogate mum-wife

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks
By Moan McVulpineWine fuelled and ready to huv’ a go

MY ELDEST daughter was five when she brought me the head of an anti-Scots Scotsman.

She is an anti-Scots-Pricker to trade and like many true patriotic nationalistic Scots, she is prepared to wear her patriotism on her sleeve by exposing the colonised treacherous attitudes of the Stockholm Syndromed anti-Scots Scots.

It made me so proud of her I felt obliged to join the SNP to help impose my definition of Scottishness on the native population.

Last month Hot Air & Gas UK, an industry body, said the hot air and gas output of the Whollyrude plasticine parliament was in inverse proportion to the talent there.

You don’t make that sort of statement unless you know what you’re talking about.

So don’t let ANYONE tell you that the plasticine parliament is useful.

It has only ever been viewed as a stepping stone to the land of milk and honey by the Prejudiced Paladins of Patriotism and Righteousness – the Scottish Nationalist Party.

And now, following some OECD predictions, expect a ramping up of hot air and gas production from the front benches at Whollyrude.

It’s just a pity that OECD projections are just that – projections.

What’s more, their projections are usually roundly thrashed by private sector equivalents when it comes to the outcomes of those projections.

But ho hum. That’s never stopped us Scottish Nationalists from making things up on the hoof and capitalising.

That is the future of Scottish politics for the next three hundred years.





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3 responses to “Oil and gas paid for Holyrood boom…now it can fuel Salmond’s vanity project

  1. Heehee. And what I can’t get is why Salmy in particular and the SNP generally get away with his saving the planet/renewables spiel while of course they were always likely to extract every last ounce of the black stuff, and now he’s claiming it’s a “sunrise industry” and we’re inline for a second oil boom.

    Which of course is debatable in any case, but the environmental hypocrisy is just astonishing, or perhaps it’s just me!

    By the way, don’t know if you monitor your older posts, but left a comment on your Wings post from 4 March.

    • And what I can’t get is why Salmy in particular and the SNP generally get away with his saving the planet/renewables spiel…

      According to Torrance, windfarms are a genuine passion of Salmy’s. So, could be argued that it’s another case of everyone else suffering due to one of his vanity projects.

      This overly large article has a compelling merit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2290444/Madness-How-pay-billions-electricity-bills-Britains-biggest-power-station-switch-coal-wood-chips–wont-help-planet-jot.html

      It’s a bit long so to save you the bother of reading it, I’ll quote one of the most poignant paras:

      “Despite the huge subsidies that have been spent on wind farms, their contribution is negligible. On one windless day this week, for example, the combined output of the UK’s 4,300 wind turbines was just one thousandth — a mere 29 megawatts — of the electricity we need. “

      I like the idea of renewables, but the extras the subsidy adds to standard energy bills is beyond a joke. I’d rather see a coal fired station out Hunterston way thankyou.

      Similar to Diageo and Indy, renewables appear to be another case of the Nationalists promising the earth and delivering hot air.


      NB: Missing your blog. Sure you don’t want to start up a ‘Son of Planet Politics’?

  2. Never say never, but only chance in the meantime for a son of Planet Politics is if someone paid me, but since I couldn’t even get a dozen people to give me their email address to view a free blog then I suspect there’s less chance of that than Wings, Bella, Peter Bell, Tommy Ball and Pat Kane all declaring for the Union tonight!

    Anyway, if I do do anything else then it’ll be a different focus and probably after the distraction of the referendum, because it truth whatever happens won’t make much difference to my stance.

    And I see the Daily Mail seems to be the UK equivalent of the Sunday Post vis-a-vis wind farms then!!

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