Cotton picking liberty for SNP councillor

In the past we’ve been told that it’s only a select bunch of Cybernats soaring over Scottish politics who engage in ridiculous abuse online. AhDinnaeKen debunks the myth.

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”― Frederick Douglass. Seems Dave thinks we're all thick or something.

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” ― Frederick Douglass. Seems Dave must think we’re all thick or something.

By Yessa Massa

AN EX-COONCIL leader has been excommunicated from the SNP after exposing the truth of Scotland’s subjugated status at the hands of our hated colonial masters from England.

Unionist oppressors deigned his fffrrreeeeddddoooommmm™ Tweets as insurgency and heresy against the ruling imperialistic hegemony.

Dave Rasp-Berry, a former leader of a fffrrreeedddooommm™ cell in East Lostitall, used the guerilla tweet to take down some evil propagandist agents of Westminster.

In reply to their weasel words promoting the subjugating Union, Mr Rasp-Berry wrote: Do you have equivalent quotes from abused women saying why they don’t need a divorce or slaves happy on the plantation?”

Cited on Twitter as the Declaration of Twattery, SNP Polarised Militants and  revolutionary Cybernat guards leapt to Mr Rasp-Berry’s defence.

Despite a flame war hot enough to light a dozen Butcher’s Aprons without matches, the English agents of empire triumphed.

Mr Rasp-Berry later denounced his remarks in a supine attempt to supplicate his superior masters.

But it was too late, the damage had been done. Mr Rasp-Berry’s veneer of political credibility had been stripped from him and basic SNP philosophy toward the Auld Enemy had been exposed.

Sisyphus Salmond had no option other than to proclaim that Mr Rasp-Berry should be ‘Mutually Consented’ from the party.

He said: “We huv tae deal wi’ these Unionist c**ts every day. Whit ur ye daein showin’ us up like this? We prefer tae keep that side o’ oor character hidden ya eejit!”

Mr Rasp-Berry almost got elected to the Scottish Plasticine Parliament in 2011 where he would have joined a select bunch of similarly enslaved SNP Twits.



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