Trying to deceive Scots electorate is a cardinal sin

In a fortnight which saw Tricky Dicky Salmond act like an arch apologist for disgraced repressed homosexual Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Moan McVulpine says the catholic based SNP vote could end up suffering too.

Moan McVulpine providing 'service' to the Firstminster whenever he wants it.

By Moan McVulpineRenewing her hypocritical vows one lie at a time

LET SHE who is without wine pour the first glass.

Those were the words of Anti-Scotsfinder General Joan McAlpine to a baying Presiding Officer ready to chastise the privileged woman for the “crime” of comtempt of parliament.

It should always be remembered before we listen to anything this borderline anti-Scots chauvinist has to say.

This is an old egotistical soak who knows not suffering.

Her humiliation was of her own making. But that’s no excuse for her wanton sermonising in the Daily Ranger.

If only she had refused to pour the wine for herself.

Instead she tabled questions to the Plasticine Parliament on road safety and promptly got nicked for speeding on a clearly marked and speed limited road.

Ho hum. It’s the newspeak standard we’ve come to expect from the Nationalists.

So even if you have no political affiliation, the Nationalist hierarchy believes itself entitled to dictate to you – condemning the poor to virtually nothing while legislating to assist the better off at every opportunity.

To justify this interference, the Anti-Scotsfinder General went to extraordinary lengths to demonise real reality.

She has been called a hypocrite. But it is more complex – and tragic – than that.

Her forthright views are a form of electorate loathing, perhaps even an attempt to cover the tracks of her own anti-Englishness.

As Smarten Assing, the Unionist BBC correspondent, said at the weekend: “I think people who struggle to suppress their anti-English urges find that expressing anti-Scots views gives them fortitude in their torment.”

In other words, Joan McAlpine is a proponent of the very prejudice she seeks to perpetuate.

Is anyone really surprised? Not really!

The Scots are a canny, fractious, cynical and sceptical bunch, well able to think for themselves and spot a snake oil huckster on the make at a hundred yards.

Dozens of hingers oan are being created by Pope Tricky Dicky Salmond: McAlpine is merely one of the many, ready to be cast off when she outlives her uselessness.

It has been said that this crisis will make the Plasticine Parliament more open.

The evidence is discouraging: Freedom of Information denials, barefaced lieing, risible assertions, nepotistic junkets and out and out injustice for the poor – the SNP record of “competence” so far.

It has been rumoured that Tricky Dicky Salmond and his guid ‘pal’ Cardinal Keith O’Brien referred respectively to the Scots electorate as their ‘flock’.

McAlpine and Tricky Dicky are bracing themselves for the 2014 Neverendum when the electorate tell them to flock off.


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