The Contemptibles: SNP rub sovereign people’s noses in the s**t yet again

Two embarrassing U-turns in one day. It’s all in a day’s contempt for the sovereign people of Skintland. AhDinnaeKen investigates.

"This change to the parliamentary record is as accurate a lie as anyone has ever given to parliament" laughed Swindley as he helped stick the knife in Rust-ell's and Tricky Dicky Salmond's back.

Scottish Minsters react to MacTavish Scott’s claim that the Plasticine Parliament deserves to be treated with respect. Tartan Tory MacPoshboy Shithouse (top left) joins in.

By Ragin Luney

THE SNP government is consistently rubbing the sovereign people of Scotland’s noses in the doo, according to the Institute of MacPolitical Contempt.

An embarrassing U-turn by Tartan Tory MacPoshboy Paul Shithouse over Raasay’s Community Existence Rights was overturned and announced in the Plasticine Parliament yesterday.

According to Nationalist Newspeak, a £9,000 compensation payment – 300% more than the winning bid – to South Ayrshire Stockings is achieving ‘best value’ for Scotland.

Go figure!

AhDinnaeKen predicts that Shithouse will be challenging for John Swindley’s job at finance soon.

Read about Shithouse’s newspeak ‘best value’ aboot turn here:

Policy by Media release

Meanwhile, when it comes to the media, the Nationalists prove yet again the casual but deeply resonant contempt they possess for the sovereign people and the Rewritable Ministerial Code.

Their recent policy announcement  on a written constitution was leaked to the Sun and the BBC before the elected drones of the Plasticine Parliament even got a sniff.

Given that the Plasticine Parliament is full of democratically elected freeloaders who are supposed to represent the people of Skintland, consider the following Gaelic proverb recently used in a Twitter exchange with Paul Shithouse: “Bial a labhras, ach gniomli a dhearbhas” – The mouth speaks, but the deed proves.

The SNP chose to announce their new Industry Regulation strategy on the BBC’s Good Morning Skintland yesterday.

Finance Backstabber John Swindley was interviewed and subjected to the usual ‘Unionist biased’ BBC scrutiny pish.

SNP MSP drones kept quiet about the whole affair and it took whinging Lib-Bent MSP MacTavish Scott to raise the issue in parliament.

His point of order was vindicated.

The leaks to the BBC and the Sun elicited this response from a Scottish Plasticine Parliament spokesperson:

“The process that was followed clearly does not comply with the good practice guidance on announcements and the Scottish ministerial code, which set out five ways the government should inform parliament.”

Parliament is the alleged embodiment of the sovereign peoples’ will. It is therefore incumbent upon government to treat it with the respect it apparently doesn’t deserve.

Just as the contemptuous ‘Day of Destiny’ headline in the Sun was the spur for the existence of this blog, it is contempt like this which truly express the desires of the SNP.

They have nothing but contempt for the sovereign people of Skintland. The mantra is a lip service Barnum statement. Nothing else!

All the Nationalists want is power. Power is the sole desire for the Nationalist. In the unlikely event that they achieve independence, expect the contempt to ramp up exponentially.




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