Raasay crofters crushed under the heel of SNP jackboots

The SNP lip service mantra which pays homage to the sovereignty of the people, social justice, progressiveness, inclusiveness and civicness – yada yada yada –  is once again heard ringing hollow when subjected to the ‘real reality’ test. AhDinnaeKen casts its ‘harsh and tough’ eye over Crofting-minster Paul Shithouse’s track record of being bought and sold for Lowland gold.

Raasay Shithouse

By Itsanin Justice

HOLYROOD’S PLASTICINE parliament has failed to address significant inequalities in Scotland’s crofting communities according to a recent report.

The Protect Raasay Island’s Crofting Kibbutz (PRICK) report claims only politicians genuinely interested in the ‘sovereign people of Scotland’ can deliver true social justice for Raasay’s crofters.

It marks the launch of a major public relations disaster for Scotland’s so called Nationalist Socialist Party (NSP).

Crofting-minster, Paul Shithouse NSP MSP, has betrayed the 18 year endeavour and aspirations of the Raasay crofting community in one foul stroke of his posh-boy pen.

Bought and sold for Lowlander gold, the fat headed ex-public school boy even had the temerity to claim he supported the findings of the report.

He said: “I have always been a PRICK and I will always be a PRICK, you only have to look at my fat public schoolboy face to see that I am a 100% total and utter PRICK.

“What these whinging teuchters have to understand is that I have been privately educated in an environment of expectation and privilege.

“These crofter people smell of deer, dead things and shite. What interest could a freeloading list MSP like myself possibly have for them.?”

Passionate land reform campaigner, Andy Playthewightman is on the case.

He has already called for an inquiry into the decision by the NSP to sell out the hopes and aspirations of this hard working badly treated community.

Read more about Raasay’s deplorable treatment at the hands of this disgustingly arrogant MacPoshboy by clicking on this link: Asleep at the Wheelhouse.

If you read nothing else on this affair, take a look at this excoriating, hard hitting, powerful and impassioned piece – SNP Jackboots crush Raasay’s hope


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9 responses to “Raasay crofters crushed under the heel of SNP jackboots

  1. daftquine

    That’s harsh & tough I must say.

    Bang on though.

    And *quite* funny ;D

  2. I missed this during the week and only really picked up on it through Andy Wightman’s tweets yesterday.

    It’s the sort of act which genuinely makes my blood boil and turns me into the sort of frothing idiot usually seen amongst the Cybernat community.

    I don’t know if you read the links from Mr Wightman’s site, but every one of them is worth the follow through.

    This act shits on the ‘the best people to make decisions…’ mantra so readily espoused at every Barnum statement opportunity.

    Poshboy Shithouse has made a BIG mistake and I hope it wrecks his chances of ever having any power ever.

    Even Salmond’s face at FMQ told you that they know this is a catastrophic f**k up.

    There. I feel better now.

    Cheers Annie.

  3. daftquine

    I may have seen it first from one of his tweets, can’t remember. Would check my timeline but I tweet loads. I have been following it though.

    Glad you feel a wee bit better. Cheers 🙂

  4. daftquine

    Note the blind fool having a go on the thread, totally missing the point. Disgraceful!

  5. “The SNP lip service mantra which pays homage to the sovereignty of the people, social justice, progressiveness, inclusiveness and civicness…”

    Love it…nicely encapsulates a lot of why I’m so cynical about independence generally, and the SNP in particular.

    And the Rassay scenario is a bit of a parable* for me as regards the SNP in the wider sense.

    Funny though, try as I might I couldn’t find any mention of Raasay when searching for the word on the pro-indy sites, or maybe they’ve just spelt it wrong ;0)

    * I doubt if my use of the word ‘parable’ is technically correct, but you ken what I mean!!

    • Thankyou Stuart

      Indeed. I’m sure it will become a parable* representative of the complete and utter irony deficiency and out and out contempt certain bods in the SNP really have for the ‘sovereign people’ of Scotland throughout Scotland.

      I don’t know if you took a look at the Andy Wightman Twitter exchange with Wheelhouse. The smart arse Tartan Tory poshboy playing Gaelic proverbs as a put down of Wightman made my blood boil a second time.

      To have made a genuine mistake is forgivable for such an inexperienced Minister, but to compound it with that sort of arrogance shows he really doesn’t give a shit.

      No surprise that the Indy types aren’t interested. This act has completely shafted one of the SNP’s founding and fundamental principles in full embarrassingly public view.

      In the greater scheme of things I suppose it’s small beer – that’s why it makes me so bloody angry.

      Eighteen years of endeavour and aspiration snatched away by blind freeloading arrogance and ignorance. What a bastard!

      Sorry about the rant. 🙂


      * I know what you mean.

  6. Thanks – had a look at the Gaelic responses to Andy W and indeed there seems more than a little lack of self-awareness, to put it as mildly as possible. But of course this lack of self-awareness seems to get lost amid the sovereignty of the people rhetoric and suchlike, but unfortunatey for indy supporters this kind of decision merely underlines the fact that it’s all very often simply rhetoric rather than substance.

    • ..it’s all very often simply rhetoric rather than substance.

      As it tends to be with the political class as a whole – no matter the colour of rosette being worn.

      In terms of promises etc, I see this as heinous as the Lib-Dems tuition fees volte face.

      In principle, it’s probably worse. In the Lib-Dems instance you could argue it was only students who were being betrayed.

      To paraphrase something I’d rather not go into, “We are all Raasay islanders”.

      Probably over egging the pudding, but for the sake of a couple of grand the Scottish government sold out the 140 islanders.

      How much does a corporation such as Amazon have to offer in order for them to sell out the country?

      It’s the same principle.


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