Mock Indyref vote: Real students reflect real reality

Much has been made by BetterTogether of the resounding victory of the No vote by Glasgow Uninversity students. AhDinnaeken casts its “tough and harsh” eye over what this vote really means.


Competition is about winners and losers. Sorry Deputy Miss Leader. Ye didnae win, therefore...

Competition is about winners and losers. Sorry Deputy Miss Leader. Ye didnae win, therefore…

By Commy Tator

VICTORY was declared yesterday at the Glasgow University Independence vote.

Not for the No side and definitely not for the Yessers. Victory was declared by the Don’t Give a F**kers.

20+ thousand students chose to vote with their feet and resoundingly voted that the constitutional debate on Independence was “irrelevant” to their daily lives.

In this instance they truly reflected the current mood of Scotland.

As expected, the brave souls who did vote, returned a result which endorsed what the polls have been telling Scotland for decades – the appetite for a Yes vote doesn’t exist.

Deputy Miss Leader Sturgeon proved that she has the same anti-Midas touch as her boss Tricky Dicky Salmond.

Her personal appearance resolutely failed to move student voters in her favour.

Ex-BBC Tristram, Tonyblair Jenkins, of the Just say Yes (please) campaign probably lost the Yessers some votes.

And it’s worth remembering that Glasgow Uni students represent the cleverest types. They see through the SNP powermongers and their empty insular rhetoric.

Inevitably, the forces of Indy delusion went into frothing predictability mode.

Some ‘online activists’ impugned students, accusing them of similarities to the 1926 crew who helped break the General Strike.

Others claimed that the No voters were “English” – forgetting that the people who live here are the best people to make the decisions here.

And, of course, the low percentage ratio of actual voters was cited as a reason why the vote’s results couldn’t be taken seriously.

Apparently, all it proves is that more work needs to be done.

In Indy’s instance the main work has been done. Sisyphus Salmond has managed to get the indy boulder as far as a referendum

The Glasgow Uni vote proves that it’s all down hill from here.

Expect the campaign to get exponentially nastier.

Ho hum. How predictable.


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