Sturgeon supports Cameron’s stance on EU budget

Deputy Miss Leader Sturgeon agrees with David Cameron’s austerity strategy on EU  budget funding.


Bullingdon Dave - pishes himself at Labour's response to Sturgeon's implicit Tory support.

Bullingdon Dave – pishing himself at Labour’s response to Sturgeon’s implicit Tory support.

By R.I.P. PonseybodyNewsnat Chief Denial Reporter

SCOTLAND’S YESMINSTER was today accused of being a ‘Tartan Tory’ after she backed David Cameron’s stance on EU budget cuts.

Speaking on the BBC Radio’s flagship propaganda programme, Good Morning Scotland, Miss Leader Sturgeon offered support to the under fire Tory Prime Minister.

The admission followed questioning from the BBC’s Chief Quisling turncoat traitor basturt Gary Robertson when he asked if she supported in “principle” the reduction in EU budgets over the next six or seven years.

Mr Robertson asked Yesminster Sturgeon, “I wondered in principle if you agreed with the Prime Minister’s stance?”

Deputy Miss Leader Sturgeon replied: “I think everyone accepts that in a time of austerity you cannot have European budgets increasing when national budgets are decreasing.”

Her comments provoked furious response from Scottish Labour who accused the Yesminster of double standards.

Shadowminster for Social Injustice Drewaface Smith barked: “This is typical of the SNP, talk left, act right and then when it comes to the crunch, side with the Tories.”

BBC beaks also invited Secretary of State Michael Moore or his deputy David Mundell to appear on the programme.

Both declined due to previous toenail clipping commitments.

A cringing apologist spokesperson for the Scottish Office said: “Michael or David would have appeared to be interviewed, but the Deputy Miss Leader had already done their job for them, so why bother?”

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