Rocketing price of MSPs makes them an unaffordable luxury

The cost of subsidising MSP lifestyles is rising so much that many of us can’t afford a second bottle of Pinot Grigio for lunch

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks
By Moan McVulpinetalkin’ pish wan gless at a time

ONE IN three MSPs have stopped paying for subsidised lunches.

The cost of not answering questions in parliament is to blame. The consequence might as well be a week in the stocks of public opinion.

Actually doing your job has become the cost of maintaining an appearance of worthiness.

But it’s hard for us list mouthpiece freeloaders who prefer a lunchtime o’booze.

Negative headlines, speeding fines and rank hypocrisy means the reports going out show us up for what we really are – capricious romanticists tinged with the sharp edge of Nationalistic chauvinism.

But hey ho, you’ll find that with any Nationalist cause no matter how civic, progressive or inclusive they try to appear.

The Institute of MSP Studies has calculated that the average MSP is £53,000 plus per annum better off than their natural talents would dictate in the marketplace.

It’s no wonder that the Daily Ranger opinion poll last week showed that the cost of MSP hot air was at least £53,000 per annum too much.

Or that three-in-four MSPs are found lacking every day.

It won’t get any better.



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