The Modern Pamphleteers – Who said that? #3

The third of AhDinnaeKen’s semi-regular shameful Sunday slots dedicated to the radical and modern pamphleteers of our age. Ever wondered why certain CyberNationalists can be so offensive? Wonder no more. This series exposes the people they got it from. 

Award yourself a Tartan star each time you know the answer.

Who Said That #3

A: Jim Sillars.

The militant windae brekker and ’90 minute Nationalist’ faither of SNP ‘direct action’ politics lamented the loss of a party with a real tradition of democracy and radical ideas rather than the Blairified party and executive we see now.

He might be mad but he’s not crazy. Tricky Dicky Salmond himself said of Sillars: “no one in recent Scottish politics has had more God-given talent…”. So, despite the look and feel of a mad MacBeth in waiting, Jim knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the pairty.

Weel said Jim. AhDinnaeKen, on impartial observance, is inclined to agree.

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