Scotland’s Fantasy Future unveiled

As we now know from the Unionist mischief making BBC, Deputy Miss Leader Sturgeon has been very very busy on some important fantasy stuff. It concerns Skintland’s fairy tale future rather than any irritating reality stuff like, y’know, currency, jobs, education and capital projects. Just as well there’s no credibility left in the SNP’s mandate, cos she’d have lost it all with this.


Once upon a time...

Once upon a time…

By Auldnick Inwundah-Land


SKINTLAND SHOULD have a written constitution which reflects the views of Alex Salmond. The preparation of a written consitution should commence after the SNP come clean on what Independence will actually deliver. It should be for the Salmond subjugated Parliament to devise his process of rewriting the new constitution in the same manner as he rewrites the Ministerial Code. The Plasticine Parliament’s view is that the process of shaping the new constitution should be proclaimed by diktat and the command of our self righteous Sun King. When the process of shaping the new constitution gets underway, the Plasticine Parliament will be just one of the bodies daeing whit it is telt by the Glorious Firstminster. However, the Plasticine Parliament will propose provisions that pay lip service to the concept that the will of the sovereign people of Scotland has ever really mattered to Sun King Salmond. These will include provisions to strengthen his hold on all the major institutions such as the centralising of the police, fire service, local government and law. Here’s to the future of a corporation Skintland where the sovereign people will be roundly shafted in the name of plutocratic interests.



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6 responses to “Scotland’s Fantasy Future unveiled

  1. Maximinus

    Why is a political document, produced to hasten a political end, published as a Scottish Government communication?

    This repellent sleight of hand, designed to create the impression that the process of independence is underway, is a misuse of my tax money to further a political cause that I fervently hope does not succeed.

    It gives the word cynical a bad name and is bordering on the criminally unethical.

    • Not forgetting that it was leaked to the BBC first. There’s an air of contempt for people and process with the SNP. It gives cynical a bad name alright. I wonder if it was in Borgen.

  2. Oh, I thought it was leaked to the Sun, but maybe they both got it? Or perhaps the Sun just got the bit about the flag-swap at Edinburgh Castle?: “And the Nats plan to mark the moment by swapping the Union Flag for a Saltire in a special midnight ceremony at Edinburgh Castle.”

    So they claimed to be ready for a referendum during the SNP’s minority administration, but were only prevented from doing so by the perfidious opposition parties. But when they got the majority and thus could have the vote when they wanted, they decided it needed to be delayed for another three years. And they still haven’t named the date, but have decided the date of independence day and planned a midnight flag-swapping ceremony at Edinburgh Castle? Er, hello?

    • As far as I am aware the BBC got hold of the document first – but I’m relying on Alistair Darling’s radio interview assertion for that – so might be horses**t.

      You sound a bit cynical there Stuart. I’m sure a flag swapping ceremony wid jist be the brawest maist historic sicht tae be seen in the history o’ Auld Reekie ever. 🙂

      Thought the Sapphic Kickboxer made an astute point in FM’s Evasions the other day there re: timing and work done by SNP appointed/created quangos/institutions. As per the tediously predictable script, not evaded very well by the most *formidable* politician in the UK.


  3. Ah, pressed the wrong button on the old VHS the other day and the BBC’s video is faulty, so I didn’t manage to see FMQs. Sounds like same old, same old though, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise!

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