Chairman Salmond admits perverting the course of social justice

Tricky Dicky commits yet another ‘unpardonable folly’ by engaging in “diplomatic dance” with Israel.

Salmond's humanity - going down along with his integrity.

Salmond’s humanity is expected to be locked up alongside his integrity following sentencing some time in 2014. Sturgeon expected to be by his side when he goes down.

By Inhuhne Manity

CHAIRMAN SALMOND has resigned his humanity after he recently admitted perverting the course of social justice.

The resignation follows claims he meant the reverse of what he actually said, in terms of the Israel debate.

The ex-Humanist ‘post Nationalist’ changed his face on the first post-Nato vote test of his previous anti-Israel rhetoric.

Former supporters of his ‘brave’ stance have pleaded not guilty to the same offence claiming they still had principles and humanity left.

Public opinion judged that statements made by Salmond urging the world to boycott Israel for “atrocity on the high seas” could be used in evidence.

Mr MacPublic Opinion revealed Salmond’s big mooth had previously made two undiplomatic condemnations of Israel’s Palestinian policy referring to; “massacres in Gaza” and flouting of “the will of the international community”.

Ww’gn Dryya

Speaking outside of his alleged humanity, Salmond said: “John Finnie was richt. By voting to join NATO’s first strike nuclear umbrella we have had to bow to pressure not to support the Palestinians and similar causes around the globe.

“I expect my sovereign people to forgive me as they undoubtedly will. There is no principle too sacred, no principle too precious and no principle too fundamental not to be U-turned on.

“Christ, even Independence could be sacrificed in order to achieve Independence.

“Saor Alba fae ony principle”


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