Cybernats launch bid to silence everyone

They’re the scourge of the internet. They’re always ready with an offensive putdown when a civil rational argument would do. And now they’re launching a Battle of the Bulge style offensive on the 77% of Separatism unbelievers out there in civic Scotland. AhDinnaeKen investigates this tiresome phenomenon.

01-08-2013 Fuck em all Comment 02

A text book example of  CyberNat style civic progressiveness and inclusiveness in action. Ultimate Cybernats lead the separation debate by example at every possible turn. Well done Wangs. Grown a pair yet?

By Uncle Salm

SENIOR CYBERNATS have launched a crackdown on so called MSM “newspapers” who fill their columns with oppressive attacks on the Just say Yes to Separation campaign.

A group of hate peddling bigots, with an inflated sense of their own importance in the social media sphere, have pledged to continue “monitoring” “anti-Scots” bias in the Torygraph, Hootsman and the Herald.

In a joined up move, Ultimate Cybernats, Nationalist politicos, and militant windae brekker Dim Sillars have highlighted warnings that separation supporters should prepare for a Defcon 5 of frothing offensiveness aimed at the anti-Scots enemies of fffrrreeedddooommm™.

The problem isn’t limited to the CyberNationalist side of the abuse debate – the SNP claim that their drone MSPs aren’t being offensive enough either.

STU Outline

“First they laugh at you, and then they keep laughing at you, and then they pish themselves laughing, and then they die.” – Ahlaffma Heidaff Gandhi.

“We have a lot to live up to here” said Chief SNP Propagandist Kevin Bagapringles.

“The CyberNats have still to reach the heights achieved by the likes of heidboys Salmond, Neil and MacAskill. In our opposition days those guys knew how to really get it up the basturt Unionists.

“By comparison the CyberNats, particularly the so called Ultimate CyberNats, are wee silly boys pretending to be ‘professional’ while achieving virtually Hee Haw.”

The latest row came as polls showed that the Just say Yes to Separation campaign was down to the ‘hard core’ (23%) of Separation zealots.

A desperate circular reminded supporters that ‘anyone’, even potential converts, was to be considered ‘fair game’.

Incompetent illiterate ignorant moronic spokeseejit for the SNP, Wee Naebudy, said: “We don’t want to read the usual dull pish like ‘Quisling’, ‘traitor’, ‘anti-Scottish’, ‘treacherous’ or ‘too wee, too poor, too stupit’.

“We want a wee bit mare imagination. Out and out nastiness to oor enemies should win mare converts fir the cause. Let’s offend them. Let’s offend them all!”



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2 responses to “Cybernats launch bid to silence everyone

  1. With the greatest respect Uncle Salm, the Nats have moved on and changed tactics. The Tartan Spittle has been changed to warm and considered arguments, the hard core ‘Hen Broons’ have been replaced with the seductive ‘Ayreshire Lass’ and references to ‘The People of Scotland’, ‘Scottish Oil’, ‘you’ll be begging for our water’, ‘Wasteminster’, ‘Tory Toffs’ have disappeared.

    The old cybernat IDs have been made redundant (Donniemuro, IndependantScotland, samgreenock, etc, etc) and replaced with much more reasoned posters.

    But it is obvious the separatists are using shills, with multi tasking desks, rapidly changing IDs and round the clock coverage that leaves no post unanswered.

    Alongside the recognised Cybernats, the game has moved on from just plain ‘dirty’ to something altogether more sinister and black.

    But it is clearly a coordinated effort and the SNP are in it up to their necks.

    Check out the latest Cybernat style here. (Search for ‘bawbag, claymore, sassenach, etc…you won’t find it…):

    Good Luck.


  2. Thankyou Montybe

    Of course the majority of those supportive of, or sympathetic to, Indy are civic, well meaning and prepared to argue their case in a reasonable fashion.

    It’s just that the rotten eggs distract from the work of the good eggs and leave a tarnished omelette that tastes bad.

    And just like that omelette it makes your argument difficult to swallow I’m afraid.


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