Do you agree that the Nats need a humour implant?

Scum takes rare chance to appear morally superior to Grauniad. Something you don’t see every day. Ho hum!
Salmo joke

By Nay Irony

A RANTING newspaper was branded faux-SANCTIMONIOUS yesterday – for taking the opportunity to attack its Leveson nemesis.

The Scum headline showed the newspaper at its hypocritical best by attacking the Grauniad for racism.

It said: “Fury at ‘racist’ independence jibe cartoon.” But Cybernat readers of the scummy paper were in no doubt that their thin skins couldnae take it captain. And legions of frothingly outraged online independinistas proved in spades what everyone else knows – Nationalist types don’t do humour, or irony.

Tricky Dicky Salmond wrote: “Does the Grauniad not realise the opportunity to whip up anti-English sentiment this provides. Thanks for the free gift ya English basturts!”

Last night Glasgow-based angry lawyer Blood An-war said what you’d expect.

The Scottish Scum columnist, and anti-English campaigner said: “What if Scotland and Salmond were replaced with England and Cameron – we’d aw be pishing oorsel’s laffin.

“Would the Grauniad have had the baws tae run it? Too right they wid.”

But a Grauniad spokestristram said: “It’s a ruse to see how many of you Jocko Gillies have a sense of humour. I’m sorry, but you failed dismally you miserable gits. Grow a pair.”


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2 responses to “Do you agree that the Nats need a humour implant?

  1. For those who still don’t get it, it basically means:

    “Do you agree that Scots should allow Salmond, the SNP and independence to feck Scotland?”

    Of course, as usual it suit many to conflate Bell’s view of Salmond etc with his view of Scotland more generally, as indeed the more obvious meaning of the cartoon might suggest.

    But I suspect many simply don’t get it.

    • “Do you agree that Scots should allow Salmond, the SNP and independence to feck Scotland?”

      Spot on Stuart. You realise of course that we differ in outlook slightly here. I’m still open to the belief that Indy, in a time far far away, could potentially deliver a fairer and happier Scotland.

      It’s just that it’s not going to be delivered by a motley opportunistic crew like the SNP led by a snake oil huckster like Tricky Dicky Salmond.

      I’m fast coming to the belief that he’s attempting to be Tony McBlair and failing badly.

      Saor Alba fae the SNP. 🙂


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