Sturgeon: Nothing’s certain in climate of uncertain uncertainty

Lack of self-awareness, staggering hypocrisy and fantasy la la land politics. It’s all in a days work for Deputy Miss leader Sturgeon. Just say Yes.

"Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong." - Ayn Rand. Let's start with "Independence within Europe".

“Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” – Ayn Rand. Let’s start with “Independence within Europe”.

By Phanta Cyst

DEPUTY MISS leader Sturgeon has warned that damaging EU Neverendum uncertainty has created ‘damaging uncertainty’ on the damaging uncertainty created by the SNP’s damagingly uncertain Neverendum.

In a ‘business’ speech to some Leprechauns yesterday she said that Euro membership  had led to a crock of shit at the end of the EU gravy train rainbow.

She argued that if Scotland had its own oil rainbow, it would be much better placed to protect the SNP’s crock of shit.

At yesterday’s glittering fairytale event, Miss leader Sturgeon underlined her view that it was “overwhelmingly” in her interests to delegate governmental responsibility to Europe.

She said: “We are in no doubt that we can only operate incompetently when there is someone else to blame.

“Remaining a part of Europe in an Independent Skintland means that we can continue to accept praise for the good stuff and blame others for the bad stuff. Much as we do now.”

Partwisher Ferguson, Scottish Tory-Labour constitutional spokesperson, said: “Miss leader Sturgeon’s lack of self-awareness is astonishing. She’ll be releasing her fairy tale press releases on Wangs Over Skintland next. They’re kindred spirits y’know.”



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6 responses to “Sturgeon: Nothing’s certain in climate of uncertain uncertainty

  1. Indeed!!

    Can’t believe Auld Nick said:

    Ireland “effectively wrote the manual on how small nations can, and do, influence the direction of travel of Europe while advancing your own national interests at the same time.”

    So economic ruin-nation (see what I did there?) made worse by euro membership, then Brussels/European Central Bank and IMF effectively running the mess left in its wake.

    And that’s “influencing Europe’s direction of travel” while “advancing national interests”?!?

    • Yes. The Orwell quote on Nationalism regarding the denial of certain truths comes to mind. I reckon she must have got her inspiration from a lucky bag or the cheap Xmas crackers you can buy from the supermarkets at this time of year.

      Interesting point raised by Dunc Hothersall on Twitter re Sturgeon having no mandate to contact EU countries on behalf of Indy Scotland. I would have thought there would be something constitutionally questionable about that.

      Jumping the gun etc comes to mind.


  2. Didn’t see Duncan’s tweets, but I suppose it’s much the same argument as regarding the legality of a referendum unilaterally organised by Holyrood without Westminster’s, er, permission.

    And I suppose the same applies to all the other preparatory work on independence being done in Edinburgh by the SG and civil servants.

    Not sure if there’s a difference between legislation per se and other work, but I’ve read suggestions that if anyone could apply to the courts if Holyrood had passed referendum legislation off its own back then likewise anyone could apply for a judicial review regarding the work the SG is currently doing.

    One for the lawyers!

  3. I’d imagine Eck has some kind of firewall set up in the Scots civil service to protect that kind of preparatory work from such scrutiny. Who knows? Beyond my ken.

    On another related issue:

    The SNP reputation for competence within Devolved government is certainly taking a battering:

    It looks like they’re going to lose that *hard won* reputation as easily as Eck lost his reputation for his alleged integrity and trustworthiness.

    I was genuinely hoping they would do a better job than they’re currently managing. Much as I find it hard to take the SNP seriously I still live in the hope that something comes out of the Neverendum which offers some protection for ordinary Scots from Tory ravages.

    I’m beginning to think that hope is a busted flush.

    Ho hum for trying to retain some idealism, eh?


  4. Interesting link there. As I blogged a couple of months ago, the number of convictions didn’t seem much, it seemed a bit too easy to pick holes in the Crown Office’s analysis – generally dutifully regurgitated by the media at the time – and there was also the question of the Lord Advocate trumpeting the “success” of the measures when of course any perceived success would reflect back on his political masters.

    And as I blogged a few times in the days when I used to write about such matters a bit more, many of these things seem more about grandstanding and ‘gesture policing’ and suchlike rather than really getting to grips with a problem, even assuming such a problem exists.

    So, and as many have indeed said, police had adequate powers with regard to sectarian behaviour, but rarely used them, and while it was likely that there would be a degree of greater activity on the introduction of the new legilsation, whether this would amount to anything other than yet more policing gestures is anyone’s guess.

    And indeed the same could be said about many facets of law and order generally, and I was hoping to maye go into that in more detail on my more private blog (from nearer the coalface) but not sure whether that’ll happen now.

    Which in turn is why I’ve never really ‘gotten’ this reputation for competence that the SNP were deemed to have, and indeed why from a personal perspective I feel more a victim of the SNP’s “ravages” than what the Tories might impose!!

  5. Which in turn is why I’ve never really ‘gotten’ this reputation for competence that the SNP were deemed to have,

    I think it was gained before the press really started scrutinising them.

    Funny how a unicameral parliament can produce quality legislation like the sectarian bill and the min pricing alcohol bill.

    I’m sure it’s something to do with them not having control of all the levers of power.


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