Cynical opportunism costs Nationalists a bomb

Is there anything Wee Eck will not do in order to get his coopon oan the telly?

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks
By Moan McVulpineA free distributor of breathtaking hypocrisy

THIS COLUMN has repeatedly questioned the motivation of the Nationalists to gain publicity wherever and whenever the opportunity presents it.

Take the Firstminster (please, just take him).

He couldnae get his coopon oan the telly shin enough to tell everyone how sorry he wiz aboot they pare sowels who deid at Glencoe at the weekend.

Champagne socialist, parasitic lawyer and traitor to his country, Ian Notsosmart, questioned the motivation behind the Firstminster’s crocodile tears.

Predictably the frothing febrile Cyber-Natterati attacked the cynical lawyer labelling him “scum”, a “vile stupid piece of work” and a  “despicable wretch”.

Yet, funnily enough, no one even attempted to suggest a media outlet or journalist as a possible seeker of the Firstminster’s opinion.


Which, putting it mildly, was no surprise.

One concrete suggestion would have scuppered the Quisling lawyer’s accusation and made him look a bit silly.

The silence from the Cyber-Natterati was deafening.

Therefore, the accusation that Firstminster Salmond is a self serving publicist willing to piggyback on the tragic death of others in order to get his coopon on the telly stands.


Notsosmart might be cynical, but he was more than outmatched in that sphere by oor Eck.

Some would call it ghoulish.



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