Hidden scourge of under-employment in Scottish parliament

AhDinnaeKen uncovers scandal of under-employment in Scottish parliament and asks: Just what is the point of those Salmond diktat rubber stamping MSPs?

Lazy People Rubik Cube 01By Indo Lent

SOARING NUMBERS of Scottish MSPs are coming under scrutiny due to their “under-employment” at Whollyrude.

Increasingly beleagured Scots workers are beginning to question what MSPs actually do with their mostly part-time £50k+ jobs per annum.

Last night campaigners warned that a hard hitting report into unforced indolence in the MSP community had lifted the lid on the “disguised employment” of “systemic in-work political laziness”.

Scotland’s government is affected more than any other due to the unprecedented SNP majority in a unicameral system.

Around three and a half million Scots are now feared to be scrutinising embarrassing legislation such as the Alcohol Minimum Pricing Bill currently shelved due to external commercial and EC legal challenge.

The Institute of Reports report says: “Rubber stamped diktats from a centralised leadership might work well for communist countries such as China and Cuba, but the peoples of Western democracies such as Scotland deserve better.

“The Alcohol Minimum Pricing Bill is a case in point. This legislation was so poorly thought out that the Scottish Whisky Association and European Commission have had to step in to do the work which should have been carried out by lazy and indolent Scottish MSPs in the first place.

“What hope for an independent country under such a leader dominated unaccountable system?”

Work dodging apathetic lacksadaisical skiving spokesperson for the SNP Wee Naebudy drawled: “I wid tell ye’s why ye’s ur wrang, but ah cannae be bothered – lee uz alane.”


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