A “free Scotland” is an insult to people who live and work there, Barretta

Despite claims by Nationalist types that Scotland is ‘colonised’ and full of English ‘settlers’, there is nothing in political law which prevents a bigoted politician from ceasing peddling such ‘chip on the shooder’ propagandist pish.

Moan McVulpine - servicing the Firstminster whenever he needs it.
By Moan McVulpineFollowing in the tradition of 1950s McCarthyism

SCOTLAND IS one of Europe’s oldest nations. For hundreds of years it opted to partner up with England and embark on a murdering worldwide conquest – calling it Empire.

Oor soldiers played a major role in looting almost a quarter of the globe in order that it could benefit corporation and UK government coffers.

Yet, last week in parliament, Tory Labourers and Tory Tories laughed at the idea of a bunch of parochial wee powermongers saying they wanted “independence within Europe.”

Nevermind that this principle means the Nationalists would rather be subjugated by politically unaccountable Brussels quangocrat rule than by democratically accountable UK rule.

They also seem to believe that Nationalist types are stupid – not an unfair belief.

Last week Bullingdon Dave said no country can be forced to listen to SNP pish and be expected to take it seriously, which is quite right.

Moveover Darling, Cameron’s left hand Tory Labourer supporter agrees – the SNP do talk laughably fanciful pish.

But what of Presidenté Barretta, who seemed to suggest an independent Scotland would be treated like an indpendent country by the EU?

This perplexed many Salmond oriented experts, because they accept the hidden manifesto mantra of the SNP: “More Unionist than the Unionists”.

If Barretta was truly saying we were on our own, then it struck home just how BIG a responsibility that would be. The Nationalists always get the collywobbles when faced with real life responsibility.

But, Barretta has a past which means the McCarthyalpine Uber-Nationalist wing of intolerance, porridge testing and unmitigated smearing can come into play.

Barretta is a warmongering Blairite Portugese American poodle who would put oor great wee country doon in exchange fur a bowl o’ paella.

And that’s exactly whit he did when he said that entry into Europe for an independent Scotland would not be automatic. Basturt!

That one little letter scuppered, so easily, a whole edifice of SNP assertion and fantasy and displayed to the wider public just how shaky the foundations of Salmond’s vanity project actually is.

Independence could potentially be a great thing for Scotland. With Tricky Dicky Salmond in charge however, it’s going to be nothing other than a cringingly embarrassing flop.

So no change there then. Vive le spirit de 79!



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