Holyrood in Edinburgh most politically deprived area of Scotland

Scottish Index of Multiple Barefacedliardom analysis shows that 129 MSPs work in the most politically deprived area of Scotland

"What this country needs is more unemployed politicians." - Angela Davis. Here's to 2014 when we'll see this wish fulfilled.

“What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.” – Angela Davis. Here’s to 2014 when we’ll see this wish fulfilled.

By Barrosofazed Lyre

THE MOST politically deprived area in Scotland in 2012 was Holyrood in Edinburgh, according to the Scottish public’s forensic analysis.

SNP, Labour, Tory and the other non-entities were all included in the analysis of the most vacuous and emptily deprived political spaces in the country.

The least deprived area was identified as a cupboard under the stairs in Bath.

The deprivation rankings are based on factors such as honesty, accountability, EU policy, effectiveness and outcomes.

The Scottish Index of Multiple Barefacedliardom analysis showed that all 129 Hollyrood MSPs were found ‘wanting’.

However, not one of these individuals was classed as at all useful, as the data identifies both actions and abilities.

Following publication of the figures, Deputy Miss Leader Sturgeon said: “This is all the fault of the Tories in Westminster, their Lib-Bent coalition partners, the Scottish Labouring party, the Greengoes and anyone else apart from the SNP.

“Tricky Dicky Salmond has nothing to do with this and I am prepared to report his innocence under the conditions set out in the Rewritable Ministerial Code.

“Since 2007 the SNP have had an easy ride from the media and the mostly supine and ossified Scottish public.

“Unfortunately we have been found out on too many occasions and have unwittingly summoned the forces of scrutiny to cast their eyes on the substanceless assertions we are peddling.”


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