Swindley’s budget endorsement nuked

Attention seeking NATO dummy spitting list MSP nukes drone endorsement of John Swindley’s fiscal constipation – he cannae budget captain.

Whollyrude has no fury like a list MSP scorned. Pity aboot her alleged principles though.

Whollyrude has no fury like a list MSP scorned. Pity aboot her alleged principles though.

By Phurst Stryke

A LIST MSP without constituents or political endorsement has helped land an embarrassing blow on the SNP propaganda machine.

Jean Urqutwat delivered a precision first strike missile when she refused to endorse the inclusiveness and progressiveness of the competent SNP’s finance minster and his sums.

"Almost all political campaigns involve falsity and playacting." - Rich Lowry. Here's to funny bunny Jean.

“Almost all political campaigns involve falsity and playacting.” – Rich Lowry. Here’s to funny bunny Jean and her political falsity.

Urqutwat’s move has been widely hailed as a victory for spite, venegance and narcissistic attention seeking in retaliation for the SNP’s October sellout to NATO’s first strike nuclear umbrella.

No stranger to controversy, Ms Urqutwat has been seeking to raise the profile of her wounded ego and alleged principles since they were both slapped down at October’s pro-nuclear alliance festival.

Attention seeking Urqutwat sided with the Tory Tories and the Labour Tories to defeat the Tartan Tories motion that Swindley’s budget was the greatest thing to hit Scotland since deep fried Mars bars.

But Tartan Tory supporters and Highland constituents hit back.

Speaking on ‘highly respected’ and deeply bigoted blog, Wangs Over Skintland, SNP supporting constituent John de Lyons said: “Jean Urqutwat denies the SNP their rightful number of parliamentary members and she denies me the representation I voted for.”

Continuing the argument, SNP insiders said she also denies the SNP the sycophantic endorsement they so cringingly desire in the wake of other embarrassing international developments.

An anonymous self-righteous Newsnat ‘Spokesman’ said: “By posting on Wangs Over Skintland Jean has shown a complete lack of judgement.

“Wangs is a hate driven rant written by a misanthrope with no real stake in society other than a hugely inflated narcissism driven ego and a pathological need for attention.

“By posting on this hate driven site Jean will be seen as someone who endorses headlines such as “The Scots are cringing pitiful scum” and desires that Rangers supporter’s  “die in a chemical fire”.

“We hope Jean reflects on this the next time she decides to be seen endorsing such an embarrassing site to the independence cause.

“Has she any idea what the editor of Wangs, Rev Stupid Campbell, did during the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

“We suggest she find out the Rev’s ‘interesting’ take on 9/11 before she opts to embarrass herself there again.”

Rev Stupid Campbell is 44 years old and is currently suffering from post-traumatic middle-aged crisis slapped down in court disorder.


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