Poll: 72 per cent of Europeans want rid of Scotland

An overwhelming majority of European citizens believe that 40 years of Scottish rights as European citizens is 40 years too long.

"In a separation it is the one who is not really in love who says the more tender things." - Marcel Proust.  Here's to sweet nothings from UK plc

“In a separation it is the one who is not really in love who says the more tender things.” – Marcel Proust. Here’s to sweet nothings from rUK plc

By Getty Phuckthenoo

A SURVEY by Oopsus MORON of European citizens found 72 per cent thought separation from Scotland would be beneficial for the EU.

More than half (56 per cent) said they were fed up of Firstminster Salmond’s coopon on their telly and the constant whining moaning drone about Westmeenster.

A quarter said two years to hold a referendum was “reeping the peesh”.

Three out of four ordinary people in the European street have little or no interest in what the SNP think as it makes no difference to them anyway – just like ordinary Scottish people.

The survey of 250,000 leading citizens is another blow to Salmond’s cybernat battalions who are more than willing to deny reality in the name of existentialism and utilitarianism.

It also provided the clearest indication yet about the true opinion of European citizenry who don’t give an existential or utilitarian fig whether Scotland is in, out or shakes it all about.

Rupert Scones, chief executive of Getootnoo, recently told a made up committee that many stay silent because they just don’t see the relevance of Scottish independence.

He said: “Would you vote for a blank cheque when it is a known known that it will be a known unknown about how much is known about the unknown knowns.

“Or would you vote for a blank cheque because a tedious Norman feudal king wrote the earliest recorded political spin piece which achieved nothing anyway?”

The survey was conducted between 1320 and 2012, with the results weighted by country size to ensure they were representative of the European Unionists.

John Swindley, the SNP Finance Backstabber, said nothing that could be believed or taken seriously.

A spokesperson for the pro-UK Oppressors Together campaign said: “This poll should surprise no one, not even the separatists.

“How can the potential destroyers of civilisation as we know it expect automatic entry into Europe when half of Europe doesn’t even know or care where Scotland is.”



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4 responses to “Poll: 72 per cent of Europeans want rid of Scotland

  1. Sounds like Post-apocalyptia to me.

  2. What shit, hatred of the Scots is still rife I see, one thing though the people of Scotland would rather have a Scottish government ruling them instead of austerity riddled Westminster thats fulled to the brim of self serving paedophiles who don’t give a feck about us, you slag salmond off obviously your to thick to realise that he has done more in seven years in charge with out much power than any pederast from Westminster has ever done for us, what about during the 80s, westminster government totally wiped out the jobs that were in Scotland at the time,and delibrately failed to invest at all in Scotland while at the same time saying Scotland is to wee to stupid while delibrately undermining the scottish economy, during the 90s wiping out defence shutting down leuchars air base leaving only one air base in Scotland and you slag us off and moan like some auld fish wifey cause the people blame Westminster which is true but your ilk think differently.

    • “obviously your to thick”

      Obviously. But not too thick to know that you should have said “too”.

      Pro-tip. If you’re going to call someone thick it’s relatively important to spell basic words correctly.

      As for the rest of your froth, quick question, do you know what a stereotype is?

      If not, take a look in the mirror.


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