Eurocrats tell Scotland “Ye’s urnae gettin’ in”

Empty coat assertions, embarrassing legislation knock downs and barefaced lying exposés. Where does the latest clandestine letter promoted by the oppressive Unionist press leave the SNP’s assertions on Europe?

Ruth Davidson EU Letter

A despicable Unionist with another tissue of lies aimed at corrupting the forces of righteousness

By Nochnoch Yernogettinin

SNP EMPTY coats huv been telt they’ll need an invite to the European Union party should they gain fffrrreeedddooommm™ in 2014.

The blow is revealed in a secret Quisling letter sent to the sinister unelected Unionist House of Lords at despicable Westminster.

Tricky Dicky Salmond’s right hand backstabber, John Swindley, has relied on the SNP’s standard rebuttal when faced with unpleasant news; he stuck his fingers in his ears, said “la la la la la” and then said “they’re wrang, we’re right, get ower it.”

But the kiddy-on made up Unionist nonsense letter stated: “Ye’s might have rights as Euro citizens the noo, but vote to separate fae the UK and ye’s ur annulling those rights. Think aboot it ya dafties.”

Self denying delusionist and snake oil peddler spokesperson for the SNP Wee Naebudy wailed: “This letter is Unionist pish.

“Who dae ye’s believe? Oor Firstminster or a bunch o’ gravy train trough feeders? Er, haud on, don’t answer that.”



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4 responses to “Eurocrats tell Scotland “Ye’s urnae gettin’ in”

  1. So was there a letter or not? As you allude, you don’t know who to believe. Which is why I tend to adopt a ‘trust no-one’ ethos :0)

    We possibly tend to think of the EU as neutral aribiters on the subject, but even assuming they are I suspect there’s so many conflicting views and confusion within the EU hierarchy and the different member states that they’re not to be relied on either.

    And there’s no doubt a lot of obfuscation and dirty tricks emanating from the EU in an attempt to portray some sort of image of competence and a united front that its case will be just as unreliable as the SNP’s and the Unionist’s.

    Nae wonder only us anoraks pay any sort of attention.

    • I always thought “Independence within Europe” was one of the most oxy-moronic slogans I’ve ever heard.

      I took part in a Europe wide campaign back in the mid-80s which, after much lobbying (not me) of MEPs etc, succeeded in stopping the proposal.

      Exactly a year after the proposal was shelved, it was reintroduced and there was nothing the elected MEPs could do about it. It was a real eye opener to the machinations of the unaccountable behemoth gravy train.

      The campaign involved the unifying of disparate groups throughout Europe – I’ve got a soft spot for the Germans because of it – and though my part was very small it was still great to have played a part.

      The proposal was relatively banal (though important to me at the time) but the suspicion that the EU is nothing other than a fraud fuelled undemocratic waste of money has never left me since.

      At the time I felt betrayed, but age and time has a way of tempering these things and I can sort of laugh about it now.

      So yeah, agree with you about Europe. No doubt there’s some substance in the letter. Probably sent to the Scotsman by Lord Foulkes or someone like that.

      Keeping Salmond’s concerted European deception fresh in people’s minds seems like an effective tactic for undermining the Yes campaign.

      So no doubt the Nat paranoia machine will be on red alert.


  2. Aha, so the Brussels bureaucracy effectively reintroduced the proposal and steamrollered it through and there was effectively nothing the politicians could do about it?

    Sounds familiar, and indeed I’ve blogged quite a few times in the past about the way officials are often effectively running things and just rely on politician patsies to rubber-stamp things, both at the council level and in the parliaments. So although I don’t have much practical experience of how Brussels works it certainly doesn’t suprise me.

    And, of course, because the EU machinery is prima facie less democratic than our own institutions of government then it’s hardly a surprise from that perspective either.

    Anyway, I see the Scotsman is standing by its story in Friday’s edition, while clearly Newsnet is taking the opposite stance.

    So no change there then.

  3. I still remember the naive feeling of ‘people power’ when the campaign managed to get the proposal shelved. Cue much partying and imbibing of intoxicants etc.

    When I learned of the turnaround, at first I just denied it could be the case. So I know a little bit about willful denial and it’s partly why I’m amused without malice at some of the Nats more ridiculous denials. To a degree I have some sympathy. Reality can be a real b**tard at times.

    Seems clear now that there’s more to the separate state renegotiation than the deniers can deal with.


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