We must press ahead with our own subservience to Murdoch

Following the Inralavyson inquiry, now is the time for the Scottish Government to play its part in ensuring Scots press is left vulnerable to monopolistic Murdochism

Moan McVulpine - servicing the Firstminster whenever he needs it.

By Moan McVulpinedropping to her knees for Murdoch

SCOTTISH NEWSPAPERS have changed for the better since I stopped having much to do with them – thank Christ.

When I was a junior reporter in the 1980s, there were no anti-Scots or ‘enemies within’. But now, faced with an impending No vote, they’re everywhere you look.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the place of the ever ridiculous SNP trying to kid on they’re at the heart of oor culture. They are infamous for encouraging chipped shooder victimhood wherever they go.

Oor media landscape remains very different from doon sooth, with titles such as the Scottish Sun providing us with a richt braw pair of Scottish tits every day – y’know, Salmond and Russell. (Okay I lied about braw – try suing me post Leveson, haw haw.)

So, it’s understandable that the opposition parties here appear reluctant to open alleged ‘consensus’ discussions with known innumerate deceiver and corporate gopher Tricky Dicky Salmond.

Salmond, they say, reeks of post-coital Murdoch intercourse and they don’t want to be tainted by association.

Newspaper regulation is devolved to the Scottish parliament – just as it was during operation Motorman and the phone hacking scandal – yet nothing was done then because Citizen Salmond didn’t see political capital in it.

In fact, it might have risked the ire of his corporate master Goebbels Murdoch. That’s why not a jot was said.

He was too busy plotting to corrupt the British Culture Secretary with the backscratching clandestine lobbying politics of the unlawful sewer.

Citizen Salmond has suggested getting a retired Ministerial code judge to lead a hand picked panel of experts.

But first he wants to pay lip service to the laugable principle of ‘consensus’ – the same type of consensus which lead to the passing of the Minimum Pricing of Alcohol bill.

Y’know, unicamera SNP majority consensus.

Predictably, even the Tory Tories aren’t prepared to stoop this low – the Tartan Tories are, however.

Essentially, Citizen Salmond is so tainted by the stench of Murdoch’s reek, that he thinks this move will somehow help him reclaim the moral high ground.

For Cybernats and party drones it will be an unparallelled success, proving that the Scots are an ‘inclusive’ and ‘progressive’ people who “do things differently here”.

For everyone else it will be just another slightly more exposed and sad case of the Firstminster with a big dirty shovel digging yet another hole to bury his unbridled lust for power.

Saor Alba fae Tricky Dicky Salmond.




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12 responses to “We must press ahead with our own subservience to Murdoch

  1. daftquine

    Rather depressingly I have been listening to the ‘Debate’ this afternoon. Missed the FM but the gist I’m getting is that he has no intention and neither has his party, of acknowledging that he is tainted by his association with the Dirty Digger and his willingness to corrupt the decision through lobbying of UKGov. Ms Hyslop has just now stressed that we in Skintland will expect His Eckness to head this up.

    So that’s that. Apparently.

  2. Annie, maybe he’s trying to convey the impression that he’s standing up to Murdoch et al – and that this will play well with voters – while in reality not really proposing to do very much at all.

    And of course if he’s doing things differently to Cameron and the Tories then that in itself makes it look as if Scotland is doing things better, even if it isn’t.

    But who knows, since as Longshanker’s post conveys in more detail there’s so many different motivations in play that it’s difficult to tell what and why they’re all doing what they’re doing.

    And why they claim they’re doing a particular thing is not the real reason for what they’re proposing.

    So no change there, then!!

  3. As you’ll know, the whole reason for this blog’s existence is the relationship of Salmond to Murdoch and the Scottish Sun’s “Day of Destiny” splash .

    I find it hard to believe now that I found it so hard to believe then, that Salmond could so easily and transparently sell out his lip service schlock mantra to the ‘sovereign people of Scotland’ for the sake of a tawdry wee apologist column in the brand new Scottish Sun.

    I still can’t work out whether this move was sheer arrogance on his part or out and out contempt for the Scottish public, or both.

    It genuinely enraged me, as has every Murdoch revelation since: Michel, lobbygate, the jobs jobs jobs mantra, the FM phone hack secrecy, the Observer bank account revelation, the Leveson criticism and now the heading up of a kangaroo media court even though he’s been implicated for being up to his neck in it.

    I used to think Salmond’s ascendancy was a good thing for the country.

    What an eejit eh?


  4. Oddly enough, during the period you mention there’s been some stuff regarding the SNP and the Dundee taxi trade which demontrates a few parallels with the matters you allude to – interference in quasi-judicial matters, accusations of cronyism etc – but of course that’s at the arse-end of the newsworthiness scale, so they largely get away with it.

    But it was when I became aware of another angle on that around 15 years ago that I first started to get really cynical about politics, and indeed slowly realised that the SNP are just the same as the rest.

    So I’m afraid I’m about a decade-and-a-half ahead of you ;0)

    • So I’m afraid I’m about a decade-and-a-half ahead of you ;0)

      Not quite. I’ve been a dedicated tactical voter since 1999 when I turned right off Labour vis a vis tuition fees. Up till then I consistently voted Labour because they were most likely to oust Thatcher and then Major.

      Other than voting SSP for the first Scots parliament (admittedly for entertainment value) I’ve mostly voted SNP – if any party could get Scotland favoured concessions from Westminster it would be them – right?

      What an eejit – eh?

      I really warmed to Salmond after the ‘unpardonable folly’ quip. I thought it took guts and must have come from someone with real integrity and conviction. Haw haw – a bona fide case of opposition luxury to say anything they like.

      Onyhoo, the out and out contempt of the Day of Destiny splash was too obvious, even for me, to justify internally or externally. And, as you may already know, I didn’t pay too much attention to politics after the Tories were ousted in 1997.

      Iraq sickened me and I’ve always thought of the Liberals, SDP, Lib-Dems as power whores who never do what they say. I still remember the ‘Boy David’ quip from Michael Foot and have never been able to take any of that lot seriously since.

      My political disenfranchisement is complete, hence the embittered negativity, fundamentally deluded dishonesty and hate blinded idiocy of this blog.

      I’m not sure what you think about this Stuart, but I think being non-aligned makes you an even bigger enemy of the Cybernats than someone extolling the virtues of Unionism.


      • Well I’m not sure about Unionism per se, but I’m fairly certain the cybernats are particularly motivated by hatred of the other parties, so to that extent they’re not quite so vehement against the non-aligned. Likewise, some of the smaller parties support independence, so they tend to be feted rather than criticised, although it’s often clearly done through gritted teeth. Of course, there’s also a particular hatred of the perfidious MSM, so to that extent it’s perhaps not so dependent on party politics.

        Of course, another more general factor is the vehemence of the points being made, so an, er, robust case will beget a similarly robust response, irrespective of any party politics.

        And if the cybernats don’t get satire and suchlike, then clearly that’s another factor that sometimes has to be considered, self-evidently in your case in particular ;o)

      • True enough.

        The MSM does appear to bear the brunt of some real scorn, some of it not entirely unjustified.
        But even when it’s justified it’s still laughably ridiculous.

        I used a quote in one of these pages along the lines of “a bias recognised is a bias sterilised.”

        What I find so laughable about the MSM paranoia runs along the lines of, ‘the people believe this’

        And when something is written which is strongly agreed with, such as on Newsnat, the comment of “this should be getting out there”.

        Always a reflection of the commenter. And it’s never very pretty.


  5. daftquine

    Well I’m catching up on Scots Politics, having been quite disinterested until the real possibility of Indy came up. Like many, I took the view that if people were really serious about governing here then more of the ‘Big Beasts’ would have stood before the electorate. What did I know?

    I’ve watched how Murdoch and others have manipulated our politics and sighed a bit, sometimes got angry, but done nothing about it. Recent revelations mobilised me to their scandalous behaviour also.

    All that said, I truly believe that a free press is vital for all the GOOD that it does, which far outwieghs the bad but many disagree and cybernats are top of the list as they feel their hero is misrepresented by a biased media. Ho Hum!

    I see Andrew Neil has tweeted that all Leveson’s reccomendations have been accepted at an editors’ meeting today but they still have to work out the regulates/verifies if not statute:

    • Thatcher’s policies, aided by Murdoch, helped loosen a lot of the competition and convergence rules on the media in Britain. The takeover of the Times being the most obvious and infamous example.

      Many of the predictions made by the naysayers such as the Guardian at the time have come to fruition, and even the cosy consensus amongst the press came to an end when the Guardian, in its desperation to stop the BSkyB takeover bid, detonated the Milly Dowler time bomb.

      I don’t blindly hate Murdoch for expected reasons cited elsewhere – I admire him in a business sense – I just bristle at the over concentration of media power and its repercussions.

      Salmond was prepared to lobby for that power at the expense of the other countries in the UK. Any nationalist worth their salt, and there are plenty of them, must feel the same or similar.

      The SNP under Salmond, as is the party’s tradition, are self serving and selfish. This blog isn’t anti-independence or even anti-SNP despite being taken at face value by quite a few nats.

      It’s anti the present coterie of powermongering whores, who would shaft any principle if they thought it would gain more Yes votes.

      Sorry for the boreathon, but I’m on a roll.


  6. daftquine

    Not at all. Is it helping? Heeheehee.
    I know you’re not anti-independence and you surely know I most definitely am! But that’s alright. I’m new to Scots politics as I said and as a result am having to learn fast. However, I’m pretty intuitive and know what I like and dislike in politicians. I’m not allied to any party and am a classic floating voter. I hate the way these people take us for fools and try to spin every thing or use other nasty tactics to manipulate folk and I can’t bear arrogance… Now I’m on a roll!

  7. daftquine

    Sorry, Phone call…
    I like anything that pricks fun at our leaders and particularly Oor Dear Leader and his cabal, so enjoy your writings very much. And I’m learning from them (and comments) so all good!

  8. If you’re learning from my writings, I must be doing something wrong, 😦

    Starting from a negative and fundamentally dishonest perspective, it’s no wonder the blog’s not funny or informative. 🙂


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