Ryders on the half million storm:

MARIE ANTOINETTE Salmond and the gang bang team Ryde the Scots to the road of excess. Unfortunately for him 140 jobs claim does not reside in the palace of wisdom.

“An extravagance is something that your leader thinks is a necessity”. – Bern Williams. Of coorse it wiz aw aboot joabs.

By Prof Ligasy

SUN KING Salmond spent £500,000 on himself and his courtiers at the Ryder Cup to enjoy a richt guid knees up at the people of Skintland’s expense.

And they were found last night laughing all the way to a 140 jobs claim.

The Firstminster’s official Sports Apologist and 34 other quangocrats, freeloaders and hingers oan enjoyed milk, honey and champagne while the Scots back home tucked into some guid wholesome watered doon gruel..

In a typically robust  defense of the position Tricky Dicky Salmond said: “Labour did it an’ aw. It wisnae aboot huvin a hootinnanny, it wiz aboot joabs. Ur youse eejits daft or sumthin.”



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2 responses to “Ryders on the half million storm:

  1. I’d watch those headlines if I was you, or you’ll have Newsnet Scotland on the case.

    Either that or they’re trying to emulate your satire!!:


  2. Once again you impugn my blog sir.

    It is not satire. It is a fundamentally negative and dishonest political digest which deserves to be labelled unfunny.


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