SNP choose to follow road to nowhere!

While Skintland suffers from Neverendum fatigue and the Yes campaign drones on and on about how we’re “different” from the Tory Tories, stats consistently show that the “anti-Tory Tory” ticket is turning voters off of the Neverendum in ever larger numbers.

By Moan MvVulpineShe turns him on, she turns them off

IF SKINTLAND was already an independent country, would our politicians be just as mediocrely dishonest as they are now?

Let’s look at what’s on offer.

New statistics have revealed that Skintland pays the highest Parish Cooncillor tax and pension pot rate in the world – even more than that paid to the Eurocrat gravy train.

Only yesterday, The Daily Ranger revealed yet another case of a SNP minster, Kenny MacNaeskill, serial lying to parliament.

Ho hum! Figures reveal that 98 per cent of Scottish politicians give the other 2 per cent a bad name.

Honesty inequality, that is the divide between Scottish politicians and the Scottish population as a whole.

It’s wider now than it has ever been and it’s all thanks to Tricky Dicky Salmond who leaves the rest of the Big Parish Cooncil in his not insubstantial lying wake.

Smaller European states, such as Greece, Spain and Italy are officially much less mediocre societies.

Now we have great news that the Tory Tory’s austerity cuts are set to go way beyond October 2014.

In our febrile eyes this means that we can whinge and whinge and whinge with impunity about how badly Skintland is being treated.

By 2014 we’re hoping to increase the average Scot’s chips on baith shooders tae the size o’ a bag o’ Ayrshire tatties.

Victimhood by Westminster is set to be the real growth industry in Skintland.

The Institute of Fiscal Statistics says whatever the SNP want it to say – you know the quote “lies, damned lies and statistics”? Well, that quote wisnae jist aboot Tricky Dicky Salmond’s “accurate” grasp of college budgets y’know.

Prime Towel Folder and Bean Counter Bullingdon Osborne continues to fail to register that the Big Parish Cooncil even exists.

Sneeky backstabbing/incompetent liar John Swindley presented a “How I’d spend my Skintland pocket money” list to the Towel Folder.

Predictably, he was told “flick off”.

The list could create thousands of foreign jobs, boost Tricky Dicky’s flagging prestige and give the SNP new hope that they haven’t been abandoned by high information voters.

But nobody’s really paying attention anymore. Tricky Dicky Salmond is on the road to nowhere.

Wasn’t he always? Why would anyone choose to join him?


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