Cancer of Cybernattery set to be ignored

If one harbors anywhere in one’s mind a nationalistic loyalty or hatred, certain facts, though in a sense known to be true, are inadmissable.” – George Orwell

“Blind nationalism has been kept intact by rewriting history to provide people with moral consolation and a psychological basis for denial.” – William H. Boyer

By Rev Naebaws Cybernat-Bigot

SCOTLAND’S CYBERNAT shame was laid bare yesterday by a shock study showing Cybernat hate crimes affecting EVERY part of the country.

Levels of pseudo-political Cybernat bigotry were worst in the autistically-genteel backwater of Bath – which accounted for almost HALF of the sourced incidents.

And the Big Parish Cooncil’s study revealed there were reports of Cybernat-aggravated offences emanating from all of Bath’s internet enabled closets – amid a SURGE in the scale of the problem since Newsnat shut its doors to Nationalistic Polarised Militants, Braveheart Commandos and 90 Minute Patriots.

The study – the most detailed snapshot of Cybernattery since the last one – shows around a third of cases are linked directly to misanthropic narcissism.

Unionism was the target in 57 per cent of 1690 crimes since 2011 – despite Ultimate Cybernats being restricted to one naebaws childless unmarried middle-aged crisis suffering sad sack going by the name of Rev Naebaws Campbell.

Campaigners demanded mandatory “rehab” for offenders, while anti-Scots Quisling politicians called for educational measures.

Using the official figures, AhDinnaeKen has compiled a national league of shame for Cybernattery hate crimes since 2011.

The Scottish Sun’s plagiarised and photoshopped graphic shows Rangers fans and Unionists are targeted most with Labourer types also suffering badly from frothingly risible hatred and vitriol.

Aberdeenshire and Bathgate were the least affected by the diatribe.

Cuntingham not Huntinghim

Last night Community Thoughtcrime & Hypocrisy minster Roseanna Cuntingham called the rise “unconcerning”.

She said: “Come on, the guy’s on our side! Nationalism, almost by definition, always turns a blind eye to hate crimes committed by its own side.

“Why else do you think I would so freely retweet him on twitter.

“It’s totally acceptable for our guys to engage in the type of offensive religious or sectarian language, or verbal attacks based purely on Scottish Nationalist prejudice, that anyone else would get locked up for.

“I hope this increase means that his baws are close to growing and dropping.”

The report showed nationalist hate crimes – mainly false assertions, ridicule, prejudice, lies, bigotry, threats and criminal lack of self awareness – are  most commonly committed by self professed “professional” journalists pretending they have the credentials to “monitor” the media.

“Media monitor” Rev Naebaws Campbell is 44 and did not know the Sunday Times had been printing a Scottish edition for the past 14 years.

Last year the Big Parish Cooncil and Scottish Justice Department were blasted after it emerged records of Cybernattery hatred cases between 2007 and 2011 had been destroyed – before any card carrying members could be ‘done’.


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