Cybernat White Noise #2 – Anti-Scottishness and tedious stupidity

Tedious cretinous lying oxy-moron Rev Naebaws Campbell is currently riding a wave of ecstatic ego adulation. In his eyes, and his home boys eyes, he’s stood up to the forces of Hootsman Unionist oppression and seen them off. Haw Haw! Here’s why you shoudn’t feed the misanthropic narcissist.

By Longshanker

WE* KENT last week when we challenged Rev Naebaws Campbell of Wangs Over Skintland to a Bent Debate over false assertions and accusations he widnae reply.

Cheap bullying mendicant snake oil harridans never do when taken to task by persons willing to stand up to them. They censor them instead and then dishonestly rewrite history – the Naebaws Rev knows what we* mean.

Maybe his baws will droap yin day and maybe they wullnae. To be honest, we* dinnae care. He’ll still be as shrill, bigoted and fundamentally (with the emphasis on mentally) dishonest.

However, dear reader, we’re not really here to highlight what everyone knows already.

Consider the following statement by the Rev on his pseudo-political blog Wangs Over Skintland:

“Alex Massie’s been in a fine vein of form recently on the Spectator,…”

And we* here at AhDinnaeKen agree. Alex Massie always adds considered and intelligent commentary for those interested in Scottish independence issues.

Now consider the following vein of logic from Rev Naebaws Campbell – incidentally this is from his Twitter feed:

Woof! So that’s aw us feartie don’t knows in AhDinnaeKen land and people who are pro-Union telt.

To be pro-British, according to this bigoted bullying harrying liar, is to be anti-Scottish. No wonder Joan McAlpine retweets him from time to time – birds of a feather etc.

Now consider what Mr Massie has to say of such bold semantically dishonest assertions. This is from the Spectator:

“…so the nationalists today essentially argue that anyone opposed to independence is anti-Scottish and, implicitly, objectively so.

This is as tedious as it is stupid and the kind of thing liable to further hamper the party’s already faltering attempts to win what the Americans call high information voters.”

Indeed! Repeat, “As tedious as it is stupid.” A suitable comment covering the whole Wangs Over Skintland blog. No wonder it attracts the detritus of Cybernat land. Y’know, the ones that Newsnet purged and purges from time to time.

Here’s what Mr Massie said in a Scotsman piece covering the subject:

“… the aggressive transgressors are, for the most, part clustered on the nationalist wing of the debate. Unionists will, I’m sure, offer their own menu of ugly imbecilities as they attempt to beat back the nationalists but, in general, Unionists appreciate that nationalists argue in good, if misguided, faith for what they believe to be Scotland’s best interests. The reverse does not always hold. On the contrary, the SNP and other supporters of independence are quick to label any opposition “anti-Scottish”. Even, dare one suggest it, objectively so.”

And later, this:

“Making arguments in a manner that insults voters’ intelligence – and raising the spectre of an unholy, anti-Caledonian Tory-Labour alliance is one such case – – is unlikely to persuade these voters the SNP are offering a plausible, far less a wholesome, alternative.”

We’ll home in on the phrase at the end here: “far less a wholesome, alternative.”

That sums up Rev Naebaws. There is nothing “wholesome” about him or his pseudo-political blog. There is nothing plausible about him. And most damning of all, there is nothing persuasive about him. He preaches to the converted – the tediously cretinously moronically stupid converted.

Keep up the tedious stupid unpersuasive work Rev. Yer daein’ a grand sharny dubs job.

[ We used we* throughout this piece to highlight our* contempt for anyone so ridiculous that they would constantly refer to themselves as we*, our* and us*. Y’know, Rev Naebaws Campbell – Bath’s most tedious cretinous oxy-moron. ]

Release the hounds!



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2 responses to “Cybernat White Noise #2 – Anti-Scottishness and tedious stupidity

  1. daftquine

    *We find your use of “Sharny Dubs” most appropriate in this instance, especially as Brother Lee Love is that far up his own jacksy ’tis difficult to think of his writings being unadulterated! Nice use of research materials sir! 😀

  2. Thankyou Daftquine

    I’m glad Sharny Dubs has been used correctly. It seemed appropriate given the subject matter. 🙂

    I do enjoy reading Alex Massie’s musings on independence. There’s always food for thought.


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