SNP should let jumped up lying Cybernat rise among their ranks

Storm in a teacup erupts on Cybernat Twittersphere for five minutes – no one notices – BBC still navel gazing. At ease.

By Moan McVulpineHijacked by arch unionist stalker troll Longshanker.

IT WAS no shock to hear that  ‘Ultimate Cybernat’ Rev Stu Dumbell has been hailed a hero by his cohorts of non-Ultimate Cybernats.

I was there the day he tried to burn the reputation of the Hootsman’s Euan McHolmalone.

It was a typically disingenuous tirade of solipsistic misanthropic narcissism aimed at a journalist who had daured question the Rev’s beloved SNP front bench.

How daur this sceptical and insightful journalistic stooge question the Rev’s ffffrrrrreeeeedddddooooommmm™ pin up boys.

But first, let’s consider the hypocrisy and risible lies of this pettily vindictive naebaws liar who peddles his naebaws lies via his naebaws lying Cafe Press shop blog.

A shop, which, little birdies tell me, actually has some sad sacks purchasing poorly designed overly priced pish from. Haw Haw!

Rev Stu on his pseudo political blog banned “Unionist…Labour…troll” Longshanker (editor of this blog) from way back in a move which proved the Rev’s self perceived principles are as empty and meaningless as his empty and meaningless rhetoric.

Amazingly, the Rev never mentioned anything to his home boys about the ‘fiddling’ of a timestamp in his blog to make the incident fit in with his faux sanctimonious outpouring of hypocritical self righteousness justifying the ban.

Shortly after, Longshanker contacted him through his RevStu Twitter feed to tell him that that was the kind of censorship practised by the Communists – y’know – the disappearing person in the photograph kind of censorship.

Rev Stu’s reply was, tediously predictable, he blocked Longshanker from the Twitter feed. How cowardly and gutless. For someone with such highly held principles on censorship, you have to ask yourself, to what purpose would he do that other than naebaws ‘fun oot’ cowardice?

But hey! Other than his home boys, people can see that for themselves.

So, effectively, Rev Stu set up a false scenario on his website for his homeboys to digest. He ripped the pish oot o’ them in the same manner he rips the pish oot o’ the SNP. Haw haw!

Some may call it deception, others see it for what it really is – LIES!

The Rev may argue the case that the timestamp was never edited. Unfortunately for him, there is incontrovertible electroncially delivered proof.

Incontrovertible electroncially delivered proof that the Rev is a LIAR and he’s played his home boys for the fools everyone else knows they already are.

As Gandhi said about Rev Stu: “First they laugh at you…Then you represent yourself in court. Then you get humiliated and they laugh at you even more. And then you lose. Just like your lucripetous court case. And they laugh again.”

The Rev has accused Longshanker of being a ‘crazed stalker’ a “Unionist” and a “Labour supporter”.

AhDinnaeKen invites him to prove any or all accusations. Let’s call it a ‘Bent Debate’.

AhDinnaeKen knows that Longshanker can provide bona fide incontrovertible evidence for the LIAR claim made here.

Whereas, for such a narcissism driven wordsmith, surely the Rev isn’t such a tedious cretinous moron that he doesn’t realise that “open stalking” is an oxymoron. Though in the Rev’s case, we’ll settle for substanceless tedious cretinous oxymoron.
So how’s about it Rev old boy?

Or have you, as AhDinnaeKen has clearly questioned, still to grow a pair?


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