Cybernat White Noise #1 – Nutjobs, ignorance and irony free zones

AhDinnaeKen was falsely accused of “Unionism” by a SNP Cooncillor this week before being inclusively ‘progressed’ by a Mad-Dog Cybernat Troll. Lordy!

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. What’s Councillor Torrance’s excuse? Answer’s on a Frredom of Misinformation postcard please.

By Longshanker
AhDinnaeKen’s reply to Councillor Torrance is a snapshot taken from the Wings Over Scotland Cafe Press shop:

A clear example of the Rev ‘not inflicting personal abuse on the person of any opposition political leader.

Hopefully this dated and timestamped snapshot from Wangs Over Skintland clears things up for Councillor Torrance, whom AhDinnaeKen bears no ill will toward. All we would respectfully suggest is that he gets his facts right next time before making false assertions or false accusations.
Jeez, if he keeps going on like that who knows what could happen – he could end up on the front bench of the Big Whollyrude Cooncil as Education secretary.

Interesting though that Wings should intervene to try and divert Councillor Torrance from his frank and mostly courteous exchange of views with the editor of this blog.
Consider also this interesting little assertion from Councillor Torrance:

He loves to impugn character does the Rev. Baseless false accusation isn’t very nice. We hope his mum considers sending him to bed early for being so naughty. Or, he could supply the evidence. He’s fond of that question: Where’s the evidence? So go on Rev. Grow a pair! Where’s the evidence?

Councillor Torrance reckons that a commentary entitled Everyone in Britain is a moron is a “horrible notion”. On this AhDinnaeKen thoroughly agrees.  Here’s the headline of the Wangs piece set to mark the election which would eventually lead to the Tory/Lib Dem coalition:

The Rev describes this piece as “robust polemic”.  Kinda makes you wonder about that Nutjob comment earlier on – doesn’t it?

Of course the Rev has stated that he would like to the see the human population vastly reduced:  “humanity as a whole would be greatly served by a bird-flu pandemic” he said in Crybaby Nation. No doubt the only people left would be God’s chosen Cybernats.

Nice to see that someone with such inclusive and progressive views can be so freely retweeted by the SNP aristocracy such as Joan McAlpine and Roseanna Cunningham. AhDinnaeKen has already covered the gross hypocrisy of Roseanna Cunningham regarding this Cybernat.

So just to give you a flavour of the robust polemic that “Everyone in Britain is a moron”, undoubtedly isn’t, here is the last of the snapshots:

From the site: “Wings Over Scotland is a (mainly) Scottish political media digest and monitor, which also offers its own commentary.” Hmm! Of course it does.

Full cap headlines. Gosh! It really must take a pair of balls the size of peanuts to be brave enough to say something quite as inclusive and progressive as the above. Well done Rev! You’re out there for the Nationalist cause. Keep up the good work, you’re letting everyone know where the true SNP progressives in the country really stand – as far away from you as possible.

Or, maybe not!


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6 responses to “Cybernat White Noise #1 – Nutjobs, ignorance and irony free zones

  1. daftquine

    “Brother Lee Love” has banned you for abusive and threatening behaviour? Hahahaha! This makes my day!

  2. He needs to grow a pair daftquine. AhDinnaeKen can prove he’s a wee naebaws liar. Fancies himself as a polemicist and an advocate of free speech. 🙂

    That’s why he censored Longshanker and lacks the baws to provide the evidence for his false accusation here.

    Like one of his home boys called him the other day – aw mooth and nae troosers.

  3. daftquine

    Just read the blog you mentioned on twitter about EC. Usual suspects in the comments. *sighs*
    On a more positive note, I was impressed at how you defended your positiion with the cooncillor. Anyway, ho hum.

    Power to your pen and those like you!

  4. Thankyou for the kind words Annie

    I don’t set out to be rude to people – it’s self defeating. Councillor Torrance was respectful. And I respect him for that. His view on the blog was welcome, if somewhat predictable.

    Cybernats wilder assertions make me laugh. The Rev’s more to be laughed at than taken seriously.

    Being taken seriously is what he craves. It’s part of the reason he’s so jealous of BurdzEyeView’s Kate Higgins.

    You’ve got to ask yourself, what would he have in his life without the internet.

    The answer isn’t hard to work out.


  5. daftquine

    Cheers 🙂

  6. skippy the bush kangaroo

    tsk tsk tsk

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