Lies, damned lies and SNP statistics. Can ye believe them?

In Scotland “we do things differently here”. AhDinnaeKen asks how many more bullies, liars and innumerates are going to be allowed to make decisions on our children’s education and our Nation’s future. It’s certainly different.

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst come from the people who live here.” – Longshanker. Ding Dong – yer tea’s oot! Who’s gonnae believe them now?

By Wunanwun Ekwals-Three

CAN YOU believe an education Gauleiter who didnae believe what he wanted the Scottish people to believe?

Can you believe a barefaced liar would barefacedly lie in parliament when he had been found out barefaced lying only weeks before?

Can you believe that the Ministerial Code wasn’t able to come to the rescue of the barefaced liar to barefacedly hide behind?

And can you believe that AhDinnaeKen has had to ask three can you believe questions and still cannae believe it?

The answer to all three can you believe questions of course (oops four questions now – better get our application in for education gauleiter) is naw, ye cannae believe that ye cannae believe it.

Yet those pretenders to the crown of Scottish Independence and full on levers of power cannae even believe theirsel’s, their own sums or their barefaced lies.

Can ye believe it? Answers on a Freedom of Ministerial Code Misinformation form please.

Rabbie Burns said “Facts are chiels that winnae ding”.

So Barefaced Liar Salmond must be Ding and Bullying Liar Rust-ell must be Dong.

“Ding Dong – yer tea’s oot!” said Labourers Rev I M Jolly Burns in the Big Scottish Cooncil yesterday.

He further said: “Here’s to bullying liar education minster Rust-ell keeping his job.

“The longer he does, the longer the veneer of SNP trust and competence will wear away.”

Thicko, illiterate, innumerate, moronic SNP spokeserson Wee Naebudy said: “Ah cannae believe it!”


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