Salmond pledges to keep Scotland in the dark – just like the Unionists

We “do things differently here” (in terms of the debate).  Another royally sized barefaced lie from Tricky Dicky Salmond. Ho hum to ‘more of the same’.

“Nobody knows it, but they’ve got a secret smile and they use it only for them” – SecretSonic. The people who live in Scotland are best placed to be kept in the dark in Scotland.

By Clan Destine

PRIVY COONCILLOR Salmond is set to show  how we “do things differently here” by doing exactly the same as secretive Westminster Unionists.

Royalist SNP flunkies will today rubber stamp changes to the Freedom of Misinformation Act set to bring Scotland into line with its betters at Westminster.

The Right Honourable Tricky Dicky Salmond – who has never voted for more transparency in government – will pay due deference to the Queen and her associated hingers-oan by protecting them from public scrutiny.

“NATO War is Peace, EU Ignorance is Strength, SNP Secrecy is Freedom of Information”, is set to become the new mantra of the Yes campaign following the inevitable victory for the Unionist styled dictatorial process.

Freedom of Misinformation commissioner Rosemary Whitznew said: “It’s easy to lose perspective here.

“Some people may see this progressive commitment to Royal subjugation and secrecy as a worrying precedent.

“They needn’t worry. What you don’t know needn’t concern you.

“There are some things best left to your betters.”

Defending the new Monarchy protection racket, deferential Cavalier Royalist spokesperson for the SNP, The Right Honourable Sir Wee Naebudy, said:

“This is set to be far better than the rewritable Ministerial Code.

“Now all we have to do to be really underhanded is to communicate with whoever we want through a royal flunkie intermediary.

“That way whatever the business involved, we will always be able to keep it secret.

“This affords the SNP government more protections from public scrutiny than the Royal prerogative ever could. Even the McCrone report could have been buried by this.

“All things considered, it’s a master stroke from Scotland’s most formidable barefaced liar the Right DisHonourable Privy Cooncillor Tricky Dicky Salmond.”

Bleeding heart liberals, poncey believers in open democracy and Anti-Scots campaigning group Whiney Basas said:

“In our ill considered view this will have the effect of unnecessarily restricting rights and create a worrying precedent with the introduction of a wide-ranging absolute exemption which sets aside the public interest.”

Street tramper and frustrated powermonger SNP Minster for Injustice Kenny MacNaeskill said: “The people who live in Scotland are best placed to make the decisions that affect Scotland.

“This decision will help keep the people of Scotland misinformed. Jist the way the SNP like it.”


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