Don’t believe the nationalist leader who’s taken us for fools

Despite the fact that a publicly conducted television interview exposed Tricky Dicky Salmond as the barefaced liar he is, the country now faces two more years of pain from his Nationalistic hot air driven vanity project

By Moan McVulpineBuilding chips on shooders one tattie at a time

CAN WE really believe another substanceless assertion from Scotland’s Big Parish Cooncil.

We already subsidise the SNP’s cabinet pension pots to the tune of half-a-million pounds sterling each – despite suffering horrendous cuts from the Bullingdon Tory Tories.

You need to go back to 1974 to understand why the Nats have a chip on baith shooders.

That’s when the hated Westministerial forces of oppression suppressed a highly illuminating report on oil’s potential for an independent Scotland.

The document packed such dire warnings it was stamped “Ministerial Code material” and forgotten about by all but the hate peddlers.

It was written by Professor Gavin McCrone against the backdrop of a Thatcherite supporting SNP and growing resentment of the English.

Professor McCrone said an independent Scotland would be among the most victimised feeling nations, with a chip on its collective shooder so large it would be “embarrassing”.

The SNP at that time claimed that North Sea oil would help bankroll Mrs Thatcher’s brutal social policies for the 1980s.

They ensured the prophecy was fulfilled by voting for her at Westminster in 1979.

McCrone said that voting for Thatcher was “low”. Scottish industry reaped the bitter harvest of that treacherous vote.

He pointed out that “Nationalist policy as outlined in this paper can, of course, be regarded as extremely selfish. Undoubtedly it is,…” and this level of selfishness would continue “for a very long time into the future.”

He also suggested, heart warmingly, that England might come knocking on the door of Scotland cap in hand. Och! Where’s my big Tricky Dicky when you need him for a bit of “discussion”.

But the report was suppressed, the SNP voted to blight Scotland with Thatcher and gleefully watched as the arch-Adam Smithsonian monetarist frittered Scotland’s oil on unemployment benefits and South Easterly vanity projects.

The Labouring government in 1974 ordered McCrone’s paper to be classified immediately. It was restricted in much the same was as the SNP’s legal advice on Europe.

In the 30 odd years it lay in the vaults, £300 billion of oil tax revenue paid black humour tribute to the ineptitude of the myopic unforesighted Nationalists.

All that time Unionist politicians told Scots that Thatcher was what happened when you gave the SNP a whiff of power – they f**k it up –  embarrassingly so – big time.

The SNP kept schtum on the repercussions of their vote for Thatcher. But the Scottish electorate at the time didnae.

Those valiant Scots saw through the SNP’s cynical pro-Thatcher Tartan Tory support and returned a risible two SNP MPs when the blowhards were expecting to return twenty.

Can you trust a party that blind, arrogant and stupit? Naw! Ye cannae! The Scots of yesteryear didnae either.

Scotland’s industry was devastated. Our oil revenue built the Channel Tunnel and bought nuclear weapons but our shipyards, steelworks and mines were run down.

The oil revenue financed tax cuts for the rich financiers and property speculators of the south-east of England, while millions of workers languished on the dole.

And ye can thank the SNP for that. Had Thatcher lost the No confidence vote in 1979, the Heathites of the Tory party would have “carved her up” and kicked her oot before you could say “the lady’s not for turning”.

We didn’t know the Ministerial Coded McCrone report said: “the SNP is already showing signs of making promises which could be an embarrassment to its economic management.”

Well, we know now. The report was finally emancipated by the SNP in 2005 thanks to the cleft stick of the Freedom of Misinformation Laws.

But it is not as widely trumpeted as the SNP think it should be.

This is a good time to remind ourselves of McCrone, because the Bullingdon Tories austerity cuts are giving the SNP a golden opportunity to exploit the Scot’s natural aversion to uncaring monetarist Tories – despite Eck’s cabal being “more of the same”.

Since McCrone, Scotland has proved itself resourceful and creative in the number of whinges it can come up with regarding the “oppression” of its “colonised” people by the English.

Yet leaders of the Butcher’s Apron Burning Yes Campaign were still peddling the line “we do things differently here.”

The McCrone story tells us all we need to know about such people.

Far from being guided by good old Scottish civic values, the SNP leadership will say anything to gain power and prestige.

So next time a fun’ oot barefaced liar tells you that independence is the panacea of Scotland’s woeful predicament, judge them by their exposed lies.

Ask yourself: Who has Scotland’s best interests at heart?

To paraphrase a well known Scottish independence supporting comedian: “Do I smell shite?”




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3 responses to “Don’t believe the nationalist leader who’s taken us for fools

  1. daftquine

    Saying nothing today for fear of getting sent to the heidie. Or St. Kilda. 😦

  2. Thanks for sticking up for me in my absence. Appreciated. 🙂


  3. daftquine

    Hahahaha! I’m now seriously getting noticed by the worst kind. Have blocked more on Twitter last few days than my whole twitter life, apart from the obvious spammers that I report as soon as they show.
    Very rattled these days, our C Nat friends…

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