Are the BBC even bigger barefaced liars than Salmond?

As the British Brainwashing Corporation looks set to dissolve into a pool of self indulgent navel gazing, AhDinnaeKen asks the questions currently flecking the frothing lips of the rabidly triumphant Cybernat pack out there.

“Sanctimony is the most inexpensive form of morality. It costs us nothing to make much of small matters in others.” – David Horowitz. Hurrah for the Scum’s cheap shots at the BBC. Here’s to more stones for their glass house.

By Blackiz White

AHDINNAEKEN CALLED Kaye at the British Brainwashing Corporation this week to grill her on the recent crisis threatening to engulf the media, the BBC, the roots of democracy and the Western world as we know it.

The following are the evasive, obfuscating, biased, disingenuous answers she gave to your fearlessly investigative mockumentary maker.

Q. Does the BBC lie as often and as barefacedly as Firstminster Tricky Dicky Salmond?

A. No!

Q. Does at least one person have to fall on their sword when the BBC get found out?

A. Yes!

Q. Does anyone have to fall on their sword when Tricky Dicky Salmond gets found out?

A. Yes! Ask Nicola Sturgeon!

More in-depth pathologically shallow and facile analysis in future posts.

Starting from a fundamentally negative and dishonest perspective, AhDinnaeKen seeks to be as unfunny as a sanctimoniously unfunny self-righteous Cybernat.

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2 responses to “Are the BBC even bigger barefaced liars than Salmond?

  1. daftquine

    Seems you’ve struck a nerve with this! Two complaints on my twitter already… Good Job! (Hope they unfollow now!)

  2. Thankyou Annie

    Somewhat ironic given the sign off at the bottom of the post. 🙂


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