Independence debate set to be gagged by Ministerial code

In Westminster they call it the Official Secrets Act. In Scotland it’s known as the Rewritable Ministerial Code.

“The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.” – Niels Bohr. Just say Yes (please).

By Clan Destine

SCOTLAND’S CULTURE of Ministerial Code secrecy is set to be conveniently rewritten to cover anything the Firstminster finds inconvenient according to the lying braying donkeys of the biased mainstream Unionist media.

Opponents of Scottish emancipation have asked the Firstminster to clarify if this means the debate on independence will be gagged.

The Firstminster has truthfully answered that according to the newly rewritten Ministerial Code he cannot truthfully answer that question.

Labourers Tom Harass asked if the Firstminster would find it convenient to hide behind the rewritten Ministerial Code in order to avoid answering inconvenient questions.

According to the Firstminster that question cannot conveniently be answered due to the conveniently rewritten rules of the Ministerial Code allowing the Firstminster to hide behind the conveniently rewritten rules of the Ministerial Code.

Tory Tories leader Truth Davidson queried the need for so many conveniently rewritten rules and why the code appears to have been rewritten to favour secrecy in the face of inconvenient questions.

The rewritten Ministerial Code conveniently forbids the Firstminster to answer such inconveniently open questions she was told.

Lib-Bents leader Willhe Wont-he accused the Firstminster of conveniently rewriting the Ministerial code to rewrite the rules on the independence debate within Scotland.

Surprisingly, the Firstminster confirmed that it was convenient that he could rewrite the rules of the Ministerial Code in order to further rewrite the rules on the independence debate.

Obfuscator, fibber, almost barefaced liar, feartie and snake oil sneakster spokesperson for the SNP Wee Naebudy said: “I cannot confirm or deny the knowns or unknowns, the writings or rewritings, the frequency or infrequency of the Rewritable Ministerial Code.

“But it hus to be sayed, it’s a richt braw conveniently Rewritable Code for the Firstminster to hide behind.

“Saor Alba fae transparent government.”


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