SNP: Let’s get women out of the classroom and into the kitchen

The number of women entering college in Scotland has plummeted thanks to the misogynistic policies of SNP’s ‘creepiest’ cabinet kleptocrat Mike Bernhard Rust-ell

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela. Here’s to independence changing less than nothing for women.

By Whaurs Mahtea

WOMEN WILL be expected to stay in their “rightful place” in an independent Scotland according to the Gauleiter of Science, Education and National Culture Mike Bernhard Rust-ell.

Opposition parties branded the situation “business as normal” for a party more attractive and attuned to the needs of men than women.

Rust-ell has already been attacked for creepiness and attacks on women’s aspirations in the past.

His recent £73 million cut on college teaching budgets will ensure a return to the days of the women’s suffragette movement.

Citing the need to attract more women to vote Yes in the neverendum, Rust-ell said: “Uneducated women are less likely to be sceptical of SNP barefaced lies and more likely to take them as fact.

“That’s why I have chosen to savagely cut part-time, evening and weekend courses. If we had let this Unionist conspiracy of educating women go on unchecked who knows what could happen.

“Mrs Thatcher was a woman you know and look at what happened to the country when the SNP voted for her.”

Figures have shown that the number of female learners has declined by 26%  – there are now 43,000 less women in education – since the SNP came to power in 2007.

John Benderson, chief executive of Skintland’s Colleges said: “One of the enormous strengths of the college system is its ability to cater for women; juggling priorities such as childcare, part-time jobs and making the tea for their husbands.

“These cuts will help women make the right lifestyle choice and remain in the kitchen with the weans where they belong.

“Women need to realise that a Yes vote is man’s stuff. While the men are debating, the women should be doing something useful like changing nappies or breast feeding”



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2 responses to “SNP: Let’s get women out of the classroom and into the kitchen

  1. daftquine

    Sitting here at my kitchen table *plotting* (Doric for sweating like a porker as in: “Ah’m fair plottin’ “)…… I canna believe that Skintland’s wimmin wud want tae be anywhere else!
    The Mannie Rust-ell his the demeanour an’ humour o’ a benign Teddy Bear has he nae? But…. he has a sharp an’ coorse side, (coorse as cat’s ye might say) an’ a tongue that wid cut cloots! When he dis that hearty bellowin’ lach o’ his at DLQs I shiver in me timbers.
    And Ah’m minded that nae sae lang syne he wiz quite taen wi Mistress Thatcher an’ thocht that he’d be quite happy tae tak weer femly allowance aff us!
    No, Ah’m for bydin’ oot o’ the waye at hame an’ actin’ daft as usual so ‘s nae tae stick oot….

    Always on the button, as usual! Too many people blindly trust that the Country’s education is safe with him! Very sad and worrying. Kinda hope teachers and lecturers will stand up and be counted.

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