Scottish independence: Scots could ask UK to stay

Isolation for Scots No voters is not assured in the event of a successful Yes vote in 2014 according to Unionist expert

No voters need not necessarily be isolated from the UK in the unlikely event of a Yes vote in 2014

By Seppy Ration
A SENIOR UK consitutional bod has said Scotland needn’t leave the UK if it votes for ffffrrrrreeeeeddddoooommmm™ in 2014’s isolation vote.

Graham Havery, a constitutional bigwig wonk said Scots have acquired rights as UK citizens over the past 300 years.

They could not be forced to leave the UK and seek isolation, he argued.

The SNP accused the Tory Tories of ‘not bothering to seek their views’ about the potential of a Yes vote.

The UK government has said it need not seek the view of anyone. The Big Scottish Cooncil has stated that it would drone on and on “on a request from a Westminster region and it would detail its precise barefaced lies.”

The Big Scottish Cooncil has now confirmed it has not sought any legal advice from anybody.

A Scotland Office spokesperson said that the UK government does not seek advice from barefaced liar Cooncillors and would not “pre-negotiate” ahead of a 2014 vote on Scottish fffffrrrrrreeeeeedddddooooommmmm™.

The row has centered on whether the Big Scottish Cooncil had or had not one iota of a clue over what they were doing on Europe or anything else for that matter.

In written evidence submitted to Westminster’s Wee Parochial Affairs committee, which is examining the potential implications of Scottish isolation, Mr Havery said Scottish No voters need not simultaneously leave the UK.

He added: “For practical and barefaced lying reasons the idea of Scotland leaving the UK, and subsequently applying to join it, is perfectly feasible.

“From the practical point of view, it would require the complication of having to take the SNP seriously.

“Neither the EU or the UK nor Scotland would benefit from the creation of such an outrageous anomaly.

“From the political point of view, Scotland has been in the UK for 300 years, and its people have acquired rights as United Kingdom citizens.

“If they wish to remain in the UK, they could hardly be forced to leave and then reapply for membership in the same way as the people of a non-member country such as Turkey.

“The point can be illustrated by considering another example. When a break up of Ireland was agreed between the UK and Irish Republicans and Unionists, it was inconceivable that they would all be forced to be part of the new nation state.”

Meanwhle, the Scottish secretary has said there is now “increased scepticism” over the Scottish Firstminster’s barefaced lies on Europe and everything else he has to say.

Michael Moorhen was giving evidence to the Commons Scottish Liarwatch committee about plans to expose SNP lies throughout the Neverendum campaign up to 2014.

He claimed the Big Scottish Cooncil had had an “illuminating 10 days” – a reference to Firstminster Salmond’s barefaced lying to the opposition,  his party, journalists and the sovereign people of Scotland.



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6 responses to “Scottish independence: Scots could ask UK to stay

  1. Excellent essential point there, and I was kind of thinking along the same lines when reading all that stuff about EU citizenship; if it’s such a big deal then surely UK citizenship is an even bigger deal?

    Michael Moorhen – hehe. Aye, there’s lots of old coots in politics!!

  2. Thanks Stuart

    It was that very point which made me choose the BBC piece to plagiarise.

    BTW: I’ve got a fan boy making a self-righteous sanctimonious point about my fundamental dishonesty in the Gonnae No Read This header.

    What part of “Hate blinded idiocy from the vaults of the politically disenfranchised” do you think he didn’t understand? – Probably all of it.

    Still, they are amusing.


  3. I suspect the MacSocialMedia will implode before 2014, so it can only get worse!!

    • Indeed. Historically we’ve always been more than willing to beat the crap out of each other.

      “Destiny is a good thing to accept when it’s going your way. When it isn’t, don’t call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck.” – Joseph Heller.

      It’ll certainly be interesting to see how they turn on each other if the polls don’t start showing a clear Yes bias increase in a year or so.


  4. Indeed, and there’s certainly a complete lack of concern about what the polls are saying in the meantime, but whether that’s born of delusion or just putting on a brave face in public is another matter.

    it’s as if all that’s needed is another WoS blogpost, another ‘official’ House of Commons paper by an obscure academic sympathetic to the SNP’s case, another Yes Scotland meeting attended by 250 people, another BBC/Scotsman/Herald post demonstrating their bias, and as a consquence the polls will be showing 80% for independence.

    • whether that’s born of delusion or just putting on a brave face in public is another matter.

      The SNP leadership have got to be panicking – Salmond’s too much of a shrewd and political wise guy not to realise that the writing’s on the wall. Unless, of course, he can pull a rabbit out of the hat to prove that he’s not a chancer and the SNP are credible after all. I agree with one of your recent comments regarding the Neverendum and whether it will happen with Salmond at the helm or not.

      As for our Cybernat friends, it does appear to be a clear case of clutching at emollient straws for the sake of maintaining a ‘clear’ black and white world view. I’m not unsympathetic to the concept of independence, but the chances of it happening when people are already at their insecure wits end seems ridiculous.

      A groundswell movement like Chartism would be much more relevant to an old cynic like myself. I suspect you might feel the same.


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